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  1. [14:33] nicholasrock (Nicholas) is online. WELCOME BACK DAD
  2. After about 50 masto and 40 ping runs Tezar still hasnt managed to get a crown for his eni. This morning we found tezar in his room like this. #pray4tezar
  3. oh u mean its not normal the client just freezes and crashes every couple of hours? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i thought it was a feature when i end a fight my client just stops responding or when switching chars it just says " not enough memory " and forces a complete restart but real talk this crap has been going on for over a year and it makes me want to commit sudoku im lucky it only does it every 3-4 hours but some of my friends have their clients just freeze/stop responding every 30 minutes but i guess making pet boxes to yoink our xmas m
  4. But how will ankama milk the community for more money if they add the new livis to kolo :^) (^:
  5. then it'll disappear just like brussels airport did!
  6. sorry kikn> your enu ( rob best qot enu world )
  7. they dont allow 4X feca team so we didnt reg :[
  8. not sure if the 35 vit overmage makes up for the missing lock/Ap reduc/Dmg xd
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