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  1. Hah, thanks mate - it was a work of passion. I'm in the slow process of moving everything to a Google drive, but have stopped playing Dofus... So not terribly much motivation to complete the suggestion. (Fun fact: My Eca currently PvPs with 7k HP... And was killed by a Sacrier in a single turn from full HP, with 15% melee res) Any features in particular that you find really interesting, or worry would be overpowered / not fun?
  2. Reserving this space. This post is currently under construction. Still cleaning up formatting, adding spoiler tags for easier navigation, etc. Couldn't finish it all tonight, with work tomorrow. Check back later! UPDATE, Day 2. Finished General, Earth, and Air spells. Cleaned up formatting elsewhere. Still under construction. UPDATE, Day 3. Finished Fire and cleaned up elsewhere. UPDATE, Day 4. Finished Water and updated General Spells UPDATE, Day ???. Mostly ready. Fleshing out Class Set, Builds, Combos, then need to proof-read
  3. Ecaflips: A Return to Form - MOSTLY COMPLETE - STILL POLISHING "True Ecaflips never stop gambling, and they always go all in. But watch out: they ... would even be willing to gamble their lives on the roll of a die just to win a fight." [PREFACE] Background on Ecaflips, my proposed changes, and who I am. Ecaflips' kit, for most of Dofus' early history, was right in line with their Thematic. High-variance spells with wildly varying effects, where a single lucky roll could spell victory... and could just as easily doom Ecaflips to catastrophe. Roulette
  4. I'm hoping to test out the new Osamodas, but don't have much level 200 gear (about 3 pieces). If anyone has int/str/agi gear or kamas they can spare on Beta 1 I'd much appreciate it - I can also trade everything I've got on Beta 2 (eggs, spare change, gear).
  5. I'd like to buy, I attempted to contact but you weren't online. Mythic-Master or Yendi ingame if you're online (or Mytthiicc ankamabox) Edit: Found one for the same price in a merchant mode, best of luck selling
  6. Looking to buy a Crimson Dofus, price to be negotiated based on Power (About 30m for 35~40 Power). Also looking to buy an AP Maged Hail Ring for about 25m, negotiable depending on stats. IGN: Mythic-Master, Drahk
  7. 15 Critical Hits minimum. Contact through Imps or In game (Drahk, Bladesof-Glory)
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