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  1. On a serious note - of course I'm butthurt AF now. I never could and I never will understand people like that cunt. Is it a disorder or something? Idk. Virtual kleptomania, hh.
  2. Yeah, not saying that he's salty or smthn. The arogance though.
  3. Poor little shit, a.k.a. Timeless. [20:17] Nehless: leech me f3 [20:17] Timeless: Frankly this is 1v1 and couldn't give less shits, just sad to see I can't waste my time here any more edit: nehless finished full hp.
  4. Stupid question, but how do I set a cover in my profile?
  5. nah, not some random shit. that guy was using spinbot ;_;
  6. Karma for shouting at a russian kid in faceit cs:go. rip
  7. Thanks Anj, will /w you in case we're in need of healing hands! ^_^ Wanted to do EH probably with my 50 arch souls, lmao. Alright. Would be great! (It's like the most expensive thing to get apart from the Fish Juice for Inky). Can you Imps PM or /w me when you're done regearing Roub? ;)
  8. Well, your damage will be lower than a panda/eni/elio/iop comp, but eca still does tons of damage, so you should be fine for most things except the hardest dungeos like Catseye, Count+Something, etc. But I think F3 is doable with that comp.
  9. What also motivated me a lot is the community. It was the first time in years that I felt that everybody is like a big family, taking care of each other. It really makes me happy that I know I can repay all the kindness, in some way. I might not be able to pay back the resources anytime soon, but the least I can do is help new players which will someday be the new-generation of 200's. I would like to thank you all for helping us out in such a situation.
  10. Sorry for double, but this deserves seperate. Someone is pretty happy he played lots of people:
  11. Oh, thank you! I will make sure to repay the community with lots of YouTube content ;) Edit: I realized it's not worth making a new channel, since the old one is perfectly intact. I will change some graphics and names of the channel, but the channel will essentially be the same. Lmao, i'm crying out of laughter about this one:
  12. That would be great! Gonna do get Tynril Calyxes tomorrow when Chan and I do Tynril achievs on his alts. I filled in all the things that I had I bank. It's just a little part of everything, but at least it's progress, not regress.
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