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  1. hey mate, is this guild still avail to join?
  2. dacuteness

    Introduce your Wakfu self!

    Hi Team, i've recently started playing wakfu again :D im level 89 iop with some pretty nice gear, just wondering what other remington buddies there are out there!?
  3. dacuteness

    Post your rare drops!

    oh dang, awesome info!! thanks!!! :o
  4. dacuteness

    Post your rare drops!

    am i the only one who doesnt know what the relics are? XD
  5. dacuteness

    step by step breeding achievements guide?

    Are you saying the mounts infact want you to watch them? #interracial #wat
  6. dacuteness

    Server Mainenance 11/4/14

    hahah this ones already over an hour to what is used to be :P
  7. dacuteness

    Server Mainenance 11/4/14

    it never ends.... certainly miss the days when it was finished 1 and a half hours ago lol.
  8. dacuteness

    Rushu crashed?

    musta been a good treadfast ammy xD
  9. dacuteness

    Rushu crashed?

    Wierd i had 8 vulbis before roll back.
  10. dacuteness

    Rushu crashed?

    Lost fan 5 onrmanet. Tears.. riot
  11. dacuteness

    y update take 4eva? much cri

    as title say. update take much long, much cri
  12. dacuteness

    Most iconic players

    hologram + tarqie XD
  13. dacuteness

    Hi Rushu

  14. dacuteness

    need friends!

    thanks for your wisdom.
  15. dacuteness

    need friends!

    jk. need wakfu friend not rushu