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  1. Shadow Server

    anyone still play this server? inbox me your ign so we can do something haha
  2. returning to oto

    Just wondering how big the english community is on oto/heroic server at the moment haha, ive got a team of 8, most of them 150+ but was looking for an active guild to join :D thanks pm me if you can
  3. Leeching Whale/Frig 3/ Fan 5

    we got shots fired 2k15
  4. is this still going? :D i have a few chars on there but i will be starting fresh due to main accs being on rushu :D
  5. hey mate, is this guild still avail to join?
  6. Introduce your Wakfu self!

    Hi Team, i've recently started playing wakfu again :D im level 89 iop with some pretty nice gear, just wondering what other remington buddies there are out there!?
  7. Post your rare drops!

    oh dang, awesome info!! thanks!!! :o
  8. Huge Bank Sale updated with pictures!

    picz or riot
  9. Post your rare drops!

    am i the only one who doesnt know what the relics are? XD
  10. 32 count scapulas 300kk/ea

    looking to sell my 32 count scapulas for 300kk ea :) send me an inbox
  11. step by step breeding achievements guide?

    Are you saying the mounts infact want you to watch them? #interracial #wat
  12. Server Mainenance 11/4/14

    hahah this ones already over an hour to what is used to be :P
  13. Server Mainenance 11/4/14

    it never ends.... certainly miss the days when it was finished 1 and a half hours ago lol.
  14. The story of poz (hacks)

    inb4 riot?
  15. T> Archs

    waw bump waw
  • Recent Status Updates

    • Wink-Wink

      Should I play Dofus again.... hmm.
      · 8 replies
    • bobeur  »  Youbutsu

      omg no forum in UtE club !
      · 2 replies
    • Bohemia

      I was thinking to make a Flash Fleatser event myself, when I noticed that the Fleaster Haven Bag had only 2 days left in Shop, but I was told that the gift feature from Shop was disabled at the time; the prizes were supposed to be P1) Fleaster Haven Bag, P2) one mimisymbic and one weapon of choice at 300 Ogrine to mimi winer's weapon, P3) a Beanie Set (cuz I am addicted to coffee ...; that could be used for merch or w.e.) and 5 packs of 10 Brief Fairyworks. Oh, well, it just couldn't be ... The good thing of that was that it would have let me buy and gift pressies across servers.
      I was told to maybe make the contest only on Echo instead, with prizes only there, since for the moment I can't buy from Shop items and gift them to other people.
      So I'll tell you what is the next plan:
      - drawing event, as it was supposed to be, with drawings made in Paint, Fleaser related, regardless if they are Dofus related too or not;
      - not sure if to have only 1 Paint Fleaster drawing per person, or 3, and from those, only the one with best score to be taken into account;
      - not sure where it is best to do it: on Dofus forums, or here on Impsvillage; or maybe have 2 sections: one on each part, and half the prizes on each part?
      - as prizes, I was thinking about 3 - 4 Ice Dt Harnesses (that one could put over their PP mounts when they do souls for lot, like I do); maybe I could add a couple of Armored Dts too;
      - as period for submitting entries, I was thinking about 2 weeks, to give more time to people to participate.
      I'd appreciate any thoughts/ ideas/ suggestions on this.
      Many thanks in advance for your time reading all this/ replaying.
      PS: I'll show you some examples of Paint Fleaster drawing that I have made in about 5 - 10 min e.a.

      · 2 replies
    • Bohemia

      Big thanks to @Animuffin_Rosal for the good egg event! And great to know there will be another event soon! Keep them coming! Great work! Oh, and thanks for the prize! 
      Also, thanks to @Mysterion aka Kenjin for nominating me. 

      · 0 replies