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  1. I was expecting different graphic designs. If I were 7 years old I'd have liked all those big head puppet characters. With every update Dofus becomes Wakfu but this time that's too much Wakfu for me :/
  2. Ferish

    In a submarine…

    +1. And achievements! :D
  3. Ferish

    Post your goals and achievements

    I did not really get what you asked. Boss uses push spell but turret has unmoveable state
  4. Ferish

    Post your goals and achievements

    Who says foggernauts are bad for pvm ? :P Catseye Score 300 + Full Success without using sram. Now my achievement list looks cleaner :D
  5. Ferish

    4 vs 4 Evening Practice

    Iopette here :lol:
  6. Ferish

    Post your goals and achievements

    Now I know who changed modifier ! Congratulations :)
  7. Ferish

    Rushu Dimension Portal Positions

    Srambad. [18:03] Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-57,24] 14 uses left.
  8. Ferish

    Rosal goult thread #1

    Sad :mellow:
  9. Ferish

    Selling some runes (in bulk)

    Hello, do you also have regular and pa (cha , vit, wis, int, agi and str ) runes for sale?
  10. Ferish

    So it's my turn...

    Been a while but ty
  11. Ferish

    So it's my turn...

    Lol I just saw that :blink:
  12. Ferish

    Rushu goult thread #1

    Let's add there "Will Ferish be able to kill enemies or gonna leave 1 vitality left on them again ? " :P I have been Solar's iop since 2013. I would like to play this year for Rushu also. ^_^
  13. Ferish

    Post your goals and achievements

    So, I did Catseye Limpwrist (+ Freedom) . Video will be on YT soon. Catseye and QOT 300 Score achievements left... -_- Edit: Added video. :D