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  1. Count me in the same boat. *sigh.*
  2. O_o Hi, who are you? :)

  3. Missml

    Kaitah's Art

    Would beyond *really* like a Sram artwork if possible with Dark blue/Blue colors..how much would it be to commission? :) Thank you for considering! Sorry if repeat question, I looked first page but couldn't find information for commissions.
  4. I did not know how the trophies work, I will have to look into those. I haven't seen a crit gelano at least not in the market yet, but I just looked today. Gotta save up for an ap/mp one or if there's one with crits that too. Mine is just AP. I'm going to look at the ideas you'll have suggested, thank you Ala & Chario0z! :) I might look at Ice dags, I know the sives save me sometimes with the steal but if the damage is better then it'd be worth the swap.
  5. I'm just back from retirement and in need of equipment upgrades. For Str/some Agi sram..what equips would be best for around 155-160? I'm trying to get something better than Moo. I have Gelano, Solomonk, moo Boots/Cape/belt/Amoolet and Cantile's ring (upgraded from wedding ring forget the full name) and Daggers Sives because I like the dmg/steal. Working on upgrading my crimson/ebony mount to something better, open to suggestions. I only have cawwot/kaliptus dofus. I need to re-scroll (I never did correctly, waiting 'til I have my scrolls)- str 592/agi 263. I'd prefer more str/some agi gear with summons definitely more range, more crits because I'm not half right now, have to use c.impulse. Do I need to buy a crits dofus? Thanks for any and all advice to get my gear updated!
  6. I started on a night-elf hunter (85 now), my main is 85 Draenei Shaman (love her, she got me interested in the game again), 85 Draenei Priest and other classes. Can't wait for MoP for new content and more levels. Happy for beta to explore. ^^
  7. Missml

    E3 2012

    I honestly forgot about the Elder Scrolls game..I want to play that being as I can't get my grubby hands on Skyrim. And, Southpark looked cool, just not the online version.. ehh.. This was also my first year that I watched a whole week's worth of E3 minus a day. Tried to win something on G4..nope! LOL.
  8. Fiance got me hooked on Anime. Favorites and those most watched: Bleach, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex also 2nd Gig <3 most fave, Full-Metal Alchemist, Durarara (not on a lot here), Cowboy Bebop. I know there is more, I'm just forgetful and not good with titles.
  9. Played after I retired from Dofus, on Alexstrasza. Several 80's..I think I'm on my fifth? Getting bored though, so taking break for Diablo III and return to Dofus *grin*.
  10. Missml

    E3 2012

    Must haves ZombieU, Epic Mickey 2. Now I'm going to have to buy a Wii and XBox360 (first).
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