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  1. Super-Beast

    Random Screenshots

    not yet, that friendrake is photobombing and ruining the group pic
  2. Super-Beast

    Looking for Dungeon help

    already taking advantage of the merge, jeri?
  3. Super-Beast

    Server Fusion

    *takes baby picture of Echo's first roll back*
  4. Super-Beast

    FML - Dofus Version

    this is why i always store my arches away from my main character, too risky with misclicks.
  5. Super-Beast

    Girl vs Wild - Dofus 2.41 Changelog

    wow they nerfed flinties daggers from 30% base crit to 5% hmm, the shields that reduce own damage look interesting for osas, especially int/heal osas with summons.
  6. Super-Beast

    Spell Variants

    no, not exactly, they just postponed it to the end of this year.
  7. Super-Beast

    Capngoat's shitty drawing

    i think that cannon needs viagra more
  8. Super-Beast

    Eni's Paralysing Word

    while ankama has many problems, i do think you're reaching a bit on trying to find problems with the spell.
  9. Super-Beast

    Statofus - Compare server populations

    also, just to relate about the population, this was posted on the official german forums by Tot, the guy in charge of dofus i think, with spieler referring to player, not characters, and again i assume its based on p2p as well. Quote (Tot @ 04 August 2016 13:04) * 12.07. (5 000 Spieler, 3 Server) Danathor, Bowisse, Djaul 21.07. ( 5 700 Spieler, 4 Server) Lily, Ménalt, Jiva, Ombre 26.07. (6 000 Spieler, 12 Server) Padgref, Zatoïschwan, Aermine, Shika, Ereziah, Rosal, Nehra, Solar, Helioboros, Maimane, Dark Vlad, Rushu 02.08. (14 300 Spieler, 6 Server) Edasse, Bolgrot, Aguabrial, Li Crounch, Ulette, Hel Munster 09.08. (33 000 Spieler, 13 Server) Silouate, Kuri, Tinieblas, Allister, Nomekop, Raval, Farle, Vil Smisse, Goultard, Alma, Rykke Errel, Helséphine, Crocoburio 16.08. (35 000 Spieler, 14 Server) Sumens, Buhorado, Domen, Spiritia, Hécate, Otomaï, Silvosse, Amayiro, Hyrkul, Pouchecot, Many, Mylaise, Brumaire, Agride
  10. Super-Beast

    Dofus 2.40 Changelog

    umm, pretty sure duster was always capped at 5 tofus in term of power/dmg. but yeah they virtually removed the advantage of fixed high air damage on multiple hits.
  11. Super-Beast

    Dofus 2.40 Changelog

    In the customization of the Haven Bag, it is now possible to make it accessible to friends and / or members of the guild. In the lists of guild members and friends, an icon is added when the character allows access to his knapsack. Click on this icon to enter the Player's Haven Bag. This is pretty cool, no more manual inviting every single individual i want to invite XD
  12. inb4 str osas become new int cras explosive arrow meta game (ranged POC 4 ap, twice per turn, no global cooldown)
  13. im assuming wyrms attacks won't be restricted by global cooldown (splash heal in aoe)?
  14. Super-Beast

    Post your goals and achievements

    I call fake on this achievement >:0, you misspelled subscription. just kidding :3