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  1. So you're saying that I should switch the enu out?
  2. What I Have: Acct1: 199 Str Iop Acct2: 199 Cha Enu Acct3: 198 Int Eni Acct4: 182 Agi Panda What I Want: Number of New Accts: 0 Goal: Able to do frig3 in the future easily Leaning Toward: Replacing Enu with another char, preferably for more damage output? Agi Masq if so (and switching the panda over to chance). I was just wondering if I should switch Enu out for a Masq because I read online somewhere that with enu's low damage output, it can create problems for Frig3, and the Masq's shields and masquerade are very beneficial.
  3. Thank you LuluY, and yes I know exactly what you mean by "you're not leaving much room to make kamas". I was wondering if there was any opportunities, but thanks for your suggestions :)
  4. I'm not being lazy. I simply don't enjoy playing one character, hence why I play four characters. And I don't like farming kwakwa, gobballs, and low level monsters. Are there any specific mobs? :o
  5. :( I'm afraid I have a team. c: Sorry if I didn't make it clear enough, but I want something that includes ALL of my team (of 4), not 1 by 1. :(
  6. --READ BEFORE POSTING--- I am well aware that there are many guides on making kamas or farming kamas with a team. I have mercilessly been searching for a long time for a valid answer. The only ones I see are for a solo accounter, professions, or only farming a very low level (= low xp) dungeon for kamas. After the major update where pebbles were introduced, Frig1 and many of Frig2 gear profits were destroyed. Pebbles cost nearly 80-90% of the prices for Frig1 and Frig2. (I am not going to farm Frig3 yet) I was just wondering if there was any other way that good kamas can be made, where great xp is received. I like having a balance of both of them, not having to farm kamas at a time, then xp in another time. Thanks, and all suggestions are welcome :)
  7. Arath, you told me yourself that you were never going to sell any accounts after the Ignotus incident. Ignotus told me that at the time - the account wasn't recovered (but Ignotus believes that it will be), so that is why he asked for his money back (he never directly stated that is was recovered, but he did state that he thinks that it will be). The funny thing was that you lied directly to my face the other day and told me that you weren't Goldy, and that you weren't going to sell any more accounts. None of us are asking for apologies either...change happens within...so stop spamming your own thread.
  8. I PMed Goldy, whose name has been changed to Enutruffle, stating that he doesn't have anyone fooled that he's still Ogivol. He messages me back on another character named Mikomi saying that his account was scammed and that he is not Ogivol. Mikomi said that he gave his account to Ogivol for two months or so, and has been scammed by him. Could someone please confirm this?
  9. onetoten (Arath) is not online. Guild Online, alliance [LSD] Elfs-merchant (Zilver) is not online. Guild Online, alliance [LSD] jassino (Froggy) is in Sufokia Bay. Guild Online, alliance [LSD] Fire-bwak (Navy) is not online. Guild Online, alliance [LSD] Froggeh123 (Enutroll) is not online. Guild Online, alliance [LSD] Water-bwak (Cesar) is not online. Guild Online, alliance [LSD] Earth-bwak (Masqueraida) is not online. Guild Online, alliance [LSD] GoldyFTW (Kahola) is in Frigost Island. Guild Online, alliance [LSD] Kwakwa123 (Cufio) is not online. All of the following are his characters - I am certain on this information as Navy, Enutroll, Cesar, Masqueraida, Kahola, Cufio were all a part of our guild Duel (he joined on all of these chars as his "8 man team" [Cufio was not a part of this team]). He personally PMed me on Froggy, stating that he was Arath - who is associated to Goldy. He also claims that Goldy was his brother's old ign, but there's no further evidence on this.
  10. Thank you Bhaal for clearing it up that WrathY (the character related to Ogivol) is NOT associated with WrathIE (me). The names had me worried for a second. Watch out for Arath (his cra that he is normally playing now). He's repeatedly saying how he wants to "change for the better". To me, it sounds like this "I'm asking you to forgive me for everything I scammed and I will never do it again". I do not believe this, as I do expect him to steal once more. Ogivol claimed that all of the characters that he sold are not linked to him, but that he bought them in the first place. He claims that this means that he is not the one recovering the accounts (I don't know how true this really is). Personally, nobody should be buying/selling accounts so nobody is at risk for scammed accounts. I don't personally care if he is "trying to change"...I personally think that if you did me wrong, then you're at fault for your own actions...and don't ask for a second chance. If he is going to change, then he would not have lied to me about saying that Arath (his cra) has nothing to do with all this scamming. Edit : fixed some grammatical errors :P
  11. Arath (as well as his alts) has been banned from the guild for said reasons, after having a private conversation with him. Ayah, why is Wrathy so close to my IGN : Wrathie ... sigh Please do not be confused by this.
  12. Sorry to interrupt all the threads posted together, but I have to say, your tips are very helpful. I enjoy reading them, especially 'cause I suck at maging. Enjoy making the rest of your tips and helping other players! Cheers! - Cynthia
  13. I'm having the same problem with that. I tried 175 kama/ogrine and it worked though. Giving you a heads-up. Happy Hunting, - Cynthia
  14. Great news and lame news! Great news - I finished Obsidemon!! :3 Big steps for me. Onto Tengu! Lame news - Not uploading the video because I feel stupid in that 1 hr 45 min fight, since it was quite hard. Challenging and surprising. Went slow and steady. Will come back and do this over sooner or later. Cheers, - Cynthia
  15. Okay, there is a room with four steam cracklers. DX What is this easiness? Happy Hunting, - Cynthia
  16. My team is in my signature :3 But I'll most definitely look at this. I might just use these for Agi/Str items. Thanks! Cheers, - Cynthia
  17. Yes. It is definitely still worthwhile to run an 8 man team. I have one, it is in my signature. At the 1.4k mark, you should do Obsi and Tengu easily. Drops are still best with an 8 man team. Just takes more time, but not 2x longer in my opinion. Hunting dofuses are easier with an 8 man team too, if you have 8 loot DP/SO mobs/souls. ;3 :3 Cheers, - Cynthia
  18. I'd consider you making money, seeing your reason a long time ago. You should focus on making money so you will have enough kamas for P2P. Once you think you have a good amount of kamas to not worry for a month or so, start focusing on training. Always know that money should be the first thing to look in at an 8 man team. You could maybe do Mastogob mobs outside of the village. They provide good experience and you get to choose your own mob. Good set for intelligence/chance characters as well! Also, if you'd like to personally know how I got my team together, message me here on Imps, and I'll be sure to help! Happy Hunting, - Cynthia EDIT: Another tip to look for, is maybe level one of them at a time. You seem to lack a great amount of money to start up the team, as you'll need to pay for gears/dofuses/trophies/sub. Consider leveling the first four first, then maybe running RMG later with 5 or 6, then slowly add on. :3 I added all my characters in at a time since it was easier for me. I had the time and kamas to start it up.
  19. Hello Vcent. Glad to hear your experience with it! Also, do you think I should do the souls or sell them? I have a guildy who is interested in trading varieties of snowfoux mats (tears, wool, leather). :3 Also, I wanted to make Cantile Sets for my characters as well, I might as well craft it for my Xelor and Sacrier whenever, and then sell them off when I don't need them. Problem is, not sure if I can sell easily at a decent-low price. :3 Thanks anyway, Cheers, - Cynthia
  20. Thanks, but isn't that almost exactly the same as Talisman Dolins? I prefer RMG's time over Buck's, but Buck's exp is better. Is there a higher chance of AP runes for Cantile's Amulet over Talisman Dolins? Thanks for your input. Cheers, - Cynthia
  21. Finding out Buck Anear items don't sell generally well, is it worth it to crush them for the runes? I am planning to mass-run Buck, but I don't see the point of me crafting the items if I don't plan to really use them. So, my question is, is it worth it to craft them and crush for runes? Thanks for your opinions. Cheers, - Cynthia
  22. Canidae may work for a profit as well. But seriously, when you get to group level ~900, start doing Royal Mastogob. Brought in a lot of kamas for me! Happy Hunting, - Cynthia
  23. Oh! Wow, I never noticed that. :3 Thanks for letting me know!
  24. Thanks for your input. Just wanted to get rid of them easy peasy dungeons first. Then move on to the harder ones. For example, Obsidemon and Tengu. I can't do them yet, so I'll need a pause for a few days-weeks or so, until I level up the team. :3 Cheers, - Cynthia
  25. Sell the items you believe will drop in price in the future, or think you might not need. You might want to post what you are selling in a few threads, perhaps maybe both Impsvillage and Dofus forum, and tell them the location of the merchant, and give a good description on what you're selling. Place it around Amakna Village Zaap, or anywhere you see lots of traffic at. No, your merchant will disappear. P.S. Price recommendations on Mopy Seal goes around 500-800kk, Terrdala Set goes for about 300kk-600kk or so, Akwadala sets go for about 200kk-500kk, and Low-lvl PVP sets may go around for 300-500kk. It depends on the stats of overmage, make sure the resists are on there, or else it is a turn-off for me. :3 And these are the prices on Shika. Hope you enjoy your time outside of Dofus. Best of luck, - Cynthia
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