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  1. Sinbad

    2.47 Livestream

    New gear allows for marginally better stats while it had an AP. Compare to with MP, and it's actually worse than currently available gear for 12/6 builds specifically. I did not check for 11/6 as the 11/6 builds are not something I'm considering for myself right now.
  2. Sinbad

    2.47 Livestream

    That set (disregarding the recipe) seemed really well considered, but yeah, swap the AP for an MP and it loses a lot of value. It's just too easy to hit the 6MP cap already, and while this might be aimed at getting people to use this with the rhineetles, this makes the set unattractive as mst of the rhineetle's aren't worth using for most people in an omni set.
  3. Sinbad

    [Stats] PvP Ladders

    A little later than planned, but the sheet's been updated. Much as expected, there isn't much variety from a couple months ago with the game having nothing change other than levels of player activity. Might be more interesting a couple months after the new gear in next update is in play, but I doubt it will have that large an impact on class strengths. Was hoping for a balance patch to actually start gathering comparison of pre/post nerf/buff data, but that's not included in the next update, so will have to wait until fall for something like that.
  4. Sinbad

    2.47 Livestream

    Nope. And if you want to know why: Source
  5. Sinbad

    2.47 Livestream

    @psndofus Kwyness is confirmed for a buff as of the livestream, don't know about others. Kwyness: Vitality: -100 -> 0 Power: 0 -> 25
  6. Sinbad

    2.47 Livestream

    Since when have the devs made decisions that reflected what they said they wanted to do? That would require them to have an understanding of their own game and player base. Also, Reminder that Lichen (Lead developer for those not paying attention) literally told players his systems were more important than player enjoyment and made the comparison to mosquitoes as being necessary (which is hilarious since most scientists think mosquitoes could be eliminated without a negative effect on the ecosystem) Edit: Direct link to the comment in question before anyone decides to say I'm exaggerating
  7. Sinbad

    [Stats] PvP Ladders

    Until such time as I am no longer playing or Ankama either removes these stats from being visible or creates a better tool for viewing these stats (ha....), this will continue to receive updates approximately monthly.
  8. Sinbad

    [Stats] PvP Ladders

    1v1 and 3v3 team ladders have been added to the data (under seperate, labeled tabs) 3v3 team ladder is clearly as much a joke as you would think if you look at the stats.
  9. Sinbad

    [Stats] PvP Ladders

    Ever felt like a certain class was overperforming in PvP? Now, here's a set of data to help determine if that's the case or you're just bad at dealing with that class. I'll be updating this monthly without removing older data so that there's a historical record which can be compared to balance patches. Google doc Where'd the data used come from? This is a collection of each class's top 50 players on the 3v3 solo queue ladder. I want more data, but Ankama won't make a full API available. What about other ladders? I'll add tabs for those later if there's real interest in that, or you can make a copy of the sheet yourself. The other ladders are there too now, I'll be keeping all three updated monthly, but the 3v3 team ladder is only being updated for my own amusement at how badly the matchmaking handles that queue (open spoiler to see a quick example of the problem with that queue) You have too much time on your hands. Sometimes. Right now I'd say that was accurate.
  10. Sinbad

    2.46 Idols and new Leech gimmick

    Running calcs (thanks @Owyn for providing a list of idol family synergies) I'll have some parseable data available soon(tm)
  11. Sinbad

    2.46 Idols and new Leech gimmick

    If someone has a list of the new idol values and synergies, I can recompute all available idol scores sorted from highest to lowest again. I just don't feel like tracking down that info.
  12. Because I've had some complaints by people who don't understand why this isn't a good idea to do: Don't decompress the gzip'd data and then think it will open just fine in something like notepad. It wont. It is a normal text file, but most text editors are not built to handle files that large.
  13. Sinbad

    My Discord Bot

    Bumpity Bump: Bot is not public, but Here's the source code for your own autorooms/ game detection lobbies: https://github.com/mikeshardmind/singlepurposediscordbots
  14. Okay, first off, there are too many to put them all in this post. But this isn't clickbait either. Of the 625,173,825 possible idol combinations, 7,000,515 (~1.1%) have a score greater than or equal to 300 Obviously, looking through all of these by hand would be an absolute chore, and nobody sane would do it. Full dataset available here : https://github.com/mikeshardmind/dofus-utils Dataset is sorted by increasing idol score, starting at score 300 There is also a tool in there for paring that dataset down into more usable chunks based on which idols you want and don't want, and whether or not they should work solo. (Last part is broken, will fix later) For help python idolfilter.py -h Additional stats: There are 27, 051 combinations with a score >= 400 There are only 8 combinations with a score >= 500

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