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  1. Simple Dungeons

    I am just happy I will be able to try the current 200 dungeons achievements that were a no go for a agility/cha xelor, Kout for example I was about to clear in the first week of it being released but not before leveling a elio specifically to boost damage. Mind you, back then I was not aware of the increased damage the further you are from the double but I feel a reduction of mp usable by monsters in all zones is welcome. There always seem to be particular turns where a boss fight is at its hardest, where the difference between critting or recieving too much damage focused on one character seems at its highest. Currently most level 200 dungeons seem more déjà vu rather then challenging, where you are looking for the best ways not to get your team koed and a way to clear them through blitzing that mostly involve the 'required classes'. Normally including a panda rogue elio iop enu or cra. I disgree with Ankama's argument that playeers want to spend less time on these dungeons, perhaps some simply just find it ludicrous to the amount of preperation needed. Against the amount of kama you are willing to spend, using consumables to try fights that are unforgiving.
  2. Cygni is Recruiting Guilds To the Current and Exciting [Cygni Alliance]! Is your Guild looking for a social and exciting alliance to join? Consider joining Cygni. The Cygni alliance has a strong emphasis on making others feel most welcome and giving players a choice to pvp freely and feel happy. About Cygni An Introduction The Alliance Cygni. The alliance was started on the server - Shika. On the 25th of June, 2013. As a strong alliance, Cygni has seen the length of the Shika server since the launch of AvA. Continuing the Cygni alliance, on the newly merged Echo server; towards a future. As an alliance and team, it is our intention to encourage a fun and a respectful gaming environment that everyone can enjoy. Whether you enjoy PvP wholly or prefer a focus to PvM. To date, Cygni has 1431 members. Moral Rules The alliance will not tolerate anyone to be discourteous to others inside the alliance. This can include forms of cyberbullying, direct insults to a individual and intended scamming. Including; being discourteous and provoking a response. As a player, you may post game items you are selling and recruit for player vs environment tasks. Although we ask in return - Not to request trades and xp-groups too consistently within a short period. Being Part of the Cygni Alliance Includes - A uncomplicated and connected community. - A fun environment, to take part and explore Player vs Player and to play and compete; when you feel most ready. Our Existing Guilds Our current guilds include low and high level guilds with a variation of members and long-standing high level guilds. [How to join with your guild] We are recruiting Guilds immediately! and welcome all guilds and are inclusive of all languages. Contact the current alliance manager which is myself. My in-game character name is: Zargabanth, your guild leader is most welcome to contact me at any given time. When I am online or on the Imps Village Forum. Please be patient with me, if I am not on-line at the time you want your guild to join. Add my Xelor and contact me as soon as I am on. If any individual members would like to join, please contact one of Cygni's guild leaders to see if they are actively recruiting. Our future plans for the Cygni alliance - Aim to hold events, such as lotteries and dress up competitions with a particular theme in mind in Dofus. - We hope to hold PvP tournaments for players with rewards from game item donations; forming a prize pot. - Adding to this list as new request ideas emerge. I shall add a list of all Cygni guilds tomorrow after the maintenance. Including available guilds to contact, for any questions. For now I have only posted the most relevant information.
  3. Hey would INT consider merging with the Cygni alliance of Shika as a possible option, of course it isn't my decision alone. Players in the alliance appreciate the regulation on a; polite pulbic chat and the respect we show for one another. The Cygni alliance is currently over 1350 members, with 15 guilds over lv 100
  4. Server Fusion

    Oh noes Echo! She is a bad impression to small dragons around the world! Although a well known character that is part of the Dofus and Wakfu series and lore. Name works for the server. All to be digifused together soon!
  5. Ankama homophobic and shameful

    I wonder why the word 'between' is filtered, amongst many others. It is quite a nice past time; typing in general and discovering all the filtered words! Maybemaybe
  6. Treasure!

    Yummy sands :O
  7. Merry Christmas!

    I've been good this year Santa! :3
  8. B> Dofus Wiki guides

    I tried adding a image info box on wiki, by copying the css from a much older quest. Although it seemed to of been incompatible with the newer format. Either that or I had forgotten how I did it two years ago. I ended up leaving it, until a passer by who knew exactly how it worked came along and fixed it. I added the location and quest text on one of the new sufokia quests; The Less We Have, the More We Spread. There have been many zone updates, new content and profession changes over the last year it must be hard to keep up. XD
  9. Zargabanths, Dofus Fan Art.

    Grougaloragran from the Wakfu series, painted it last night. Added additional elements, more matching with a christmas theme - for the Wakfu fanart contest.
  10. Generations Achievement

    Got the achievement the following week, thanks for your time Rumple. If you need the breeding Gen achievement for a great kama price, go Rumple! Splendid!
  11. Generations Achievement

    Ok thanks :)
  12. Generations Achievement

    Rumple are you still selling this breeding gen service? I am interested in purchasing the content achieves. From each generation; these are the ones I have left to go: 2nd Gen: Almond and Ginger Dragoturkey 4th Gen: Indigo and Ginger Dragoturkey Ebony and Ginger Dragonturkey Almond and Ginger Dragonturkey Golden and Indigo Dragoturkey Ebony and Indigo Dragoturkey 6th Gen: Orchid and Ginger Dragoturkey Almond and Crimson Dragoturkey Almond and Orchid Dragoturkey Golden and Crimson Dragoturkey Golden and Orchid Dragoturkey Indigo and Crimson Dragoturkey Indigo and Orchid Dragoturkey Ebony and Crimson Dragoturkey Ebony and Orchid Dragoturkey Orchid and Crimson Dragoturkey 8th Gen: Ivory and Ginger Dragoturkey Turquoise and Ginger Dragoturkey Golden and Ivory Dragoturkey Golden and Turquoise Dragoturkey Indigo and Ivory Dragoturkey Indigo and Turquoise Dragoturkey Ebony and Ivory Dragoturkey Ebony and Turquoise Dragoturkey Turquoise and Crimson Dragoturkey Ivory and Orchid Dragoturkey Ivory and Turquoise Dragoturkey 10th Gen: Plum and Ginger Dragoturkey Almond and Emerald Dragoturkey Plum and Almond Dragoturkey Golden and Emerald Dragoturkey Emerald and Indigo Dragoturkey Plum and Indigo Dragoturkey Ebony and Emerald Dragoturkey Plum and Ebony Dragoturkey Emerald and Crimson Dragoturkey Plum and Orchid Dragoturkey Emerald and Ivory Dragoturkey Plum and Ivory Dragoturkey Plum and Turquoise Dragoturkey Plum and Emerald Dragoturkey Forty one left to go, if the current kama price is at 700kk per drago, minus the four free. To equal 25,900,000. would this be ok? Could I also request if I could mate the Dragoturkeys, to add to my mating tally. I also have a large number you can use if need be :) Thanks.

    To Saturday or Friday evening.

    I am slightly discouraged that the single comment I posted on the Dofus forums, seems to of been made hidden. Questions regarding the rollback including: there had not been a official thread notice from staff yet, simply wondering if there was going to be one beyond predictions. As well as the exploit being related to why Ogrines have been so cheap. The comment was sincere and wasn't questioning why; as to pass blame, nor ill mannered. Though a notice was included in game and information has been passed from player to player so there is no longer any reason for me to ask. Perhaps I'll avoid the Dofus forums, if it involves periodic contempt. Personally I have not been online much lately, other then to commune with others and in waiting for the games future prospects. Dodging any impact the server rollback may of had. The effects are certainly a great cause of frustration for players. Through a involvement of dishonesty, once the duplication had been discovered by particular individuals.
  15. Alignment quest help thread

    Found it thanks, I was trying to grind instead of bake. Had been looking at the wrong recipe with Xavier's flour in also, as the flours besides quest items were removed.