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  1. The-Mime

    Liann's Art Thread

    You'd be best to try and find the person responsible for this, as most of the guild has no clue as to what Clash of the clans even is. I've done abit of nosing around myself, still trying to find out who's been doing it! Mind you though, we do have a fair bit of inactivity with our elite players so is a little hard to reach some players.
  2. The-Mime

    The Eye of Vortex Dungeon

    I've managed to get a friend of mine to keep track of the mobs for me, killing them any rotation seems to be fine (And of course rekilling them on the same hours).. I managed to get to 5th wave till the shit hit the fan, those Wastrels are really annoying haha. Almost beaten it anyways. And no idea what team is the best for 4 loot, but 6 loot seems to be pretty good with the team i described above as I've seen others take it on simply enough. Panda, Elio, Eca, Iop, Eni, Enu in ini order.
  3. The-Mime

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: Eca Build: Omni Kamas available: Any amount Lvl range: 200 Extra comments: Looking for a build that takes advantage of that omni vortex hammer, I've seen a player on Solar using it, and he does so with haxness! Halp pls haha
  4. The-Mime

    The Eye of Vortex Dungeon

    I have been trying it myself, I manage to get to the 3rd wave and then the mobs seem to swamp me.. I figure that is somehow due to me killing them on the wrong hour and buffs being activated, I've been trying it with Elio, Panda, Eni, Eca, Iop, and Enu. Does anyone have tips for me?
  5. The-Mime

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: Sram Build: Str Kamas/time available: As much as the set costs (I have a few kamas/already Current team: Iop, eni, panda, sram Lvl range: 200 Extra comments: Needs decent range, heaps of str damage and vit. PvP or PvM oriented: PvM
  6. The-Mime

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Thanks for that! I think I may aim towards the first set as it seems to be the best overall. Made a few personal modifications like exo and resis mages/vit pet but otherwise untouched ^_^ Thanks! http://www.dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/264799-dsjsfgj/3.html
  7. The-Mime

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class:Mask Build:Pure vit/str attacks (Not too fussed about the element) Kamas/time available: Heaps Current team:Mask(Vit/shields), iop (Str int), panda(Chance), eni(Int), eca(Omni), feca(Int), enu(Mp rapes/chance) Lvl range:200 Extra comments: Needing over 6k vit in a set with decent damage, using more recent equips. Cheers PvP or PvM oriented (Just write which one, if both write both) both
  8. Hey there! I'm looking to buy a few dofus's as my post title says. Pricing is as follows, but very debatable if you are looking for more then what I offer. Ochre dofus's - 70mk Crimson dofus's- 20-40mk Turq dofus's- 20-40mk Place a post here on your offers or pm me in-game at Reycho or Intrusion. Thanks guys!
  9. The-Mime

    Kralove opening

    Thanks to all who helped, couldn't have opened it without you :)
  10. The-Mime

    Kralove opening

    A bunch of players have just almost finished their eternal harvest quest and only have the kralove to beat. So to help these guys out we have arranged for a kralove opening this friday (dofus time) at gmt+1 2300 (also dofus time). All help is greatly appreciated :) http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/gmt-plus-1/
  11. Looking to buy a turq dofus, pm me in game at Haiku or post in http://forum.dofus.com/en/1031-markets-solar/287202-buying-crit-dofus-15
  12. Looking to buy an 11-13 (Or near) crit turq. Pm me ingame at Haiku or just post here.
  13. Basically I will be running people only through dungeons that I am fully comfortable with which currently are, Sylargh and Miss Freeze. The current price to be run through these dungeons by me are 4mk. These prices ARE NEGOTIABLE. But, you will only get a discount depending on your ability to negotiate a good price. Money will be paid up front, before we start the dungeon. So if you have trusting issues, then this isnt for you. Thankyou and good luck beating frigost 3 ^^ To contact me pm either Haiku or Reycho or leave a message on this post
  14. The-Mime

    Buying all your Mastogob souls!

    Nah it isnt, it's the price u go for if u wanna sell them fast or in bulk :) tho im happy to put the price up for 8loots