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  1. I remember you! If you do remember me as Iamthenumberonenub,Kissmyintel,ownage-pwnagxe. I remember your leek pie iop rank 10 killing me so many times back in 1.29 :<
  2. was not paint. using a friends laptop he had photoshop so why not. and thanks.
  3. I don't think anyone made this, but if so i guess close but uh. Post here on your favorite dofus memes,ragecomics,or just hilarious dofus fails. Here are mine i created: I know this isn't possible but meh.
  4. bump. Also i'll buy one for around 2.9mk or under
  5. In that case, Price check on a Major fire destroyer and a minor earth destroyer?
  6. I'm selling a MP solo monk, looking for price of 15-20mk bottom stat is 7crits
  7. I'm selling an intelligence Tengu snowfoux set for 4.5mk . Willing to take bids. minimum pricing would be 4mk. pm me in game Iamthenumberonenub for stats
  8. He had his trusty little peccary blade. I kept mp raping and explo. When he was adjacent to me. He probably didn't expect a double crit thrusty staff to the face;)
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