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  1. I am selling a Crimson Dofus for 35mk or an offer. Sold
  2. Guys.. what tha fuck should i do with my 199 feca.. I really start to dislike str fecas because i almost.. demand 12ap. i am not rich enough for exos so it's not easy to get.. i use some shit like jackanapes+voyager. I can't decide either sell my feca or just build my old scrubby str set on feca. Just.. anything would help tbh. That all is just a part of the question.. maybe i should just change the class? I love kolo-ing and PvM. Never 1v1
  3. How to get into Abyss rooms?
  4. You are probably a expierieenced player and dont need to much help with info.. But my lvl152 iop still has alot of memories and i know quite much(atleast i think so, to be honest) First-Dobis ;) In game <<<<
  5. I Like only 1-2 new livis ... others dont go with me..
  6. Finaly another great idea :rolleyes:
  7. Eitheh has a point that it would be too booring.. But actually... If you overmage SO headgear, Bataouta its still nice gear for high lvls
  8. BUT... Who cares now anyway.. The max now is 12ap so you cant be ultra powerfull with 20ap 10mp anymore
  9. Gelano is used too much and i see some lvl180 even using a lvl60 item... Why wouldnt they add a new Ring about lvl150 What gives ap.. some vitality, few crits,and a few dmg.. Because if i need a gelano and my friends doesnt need it.. They have a HUGE plus if we fight aggainst each other!
  10. Dobis

    Dofus economy

    I dont understand... I cant earn kamas normaly... Because noone is buying my items at all... No matter how cheap they are :blink:... and i dont understand how others can earn buying cheap things and selling them more expensive than they were... I have tried it but it ends up that i sell it for the same price earning some 1000kamas lol
  11. Nah.. Im playing only 1 character and game just dissapears if im working on a proffession like mining, farming or idk.. its just too booring i earn some kamas by kolo and thats enough for new stuff not also for p2p.. so i buy for real cash and actually i pay quite a big amount of money. <_< ~~ If they would decrease the price just a bit... a tiny bit.. it would be awesome and i would buy p2p more often!| ~~ +Cmon.. there are 10million ppl playing dofus(im not sure about this info but its minimum :D) so? i think they are already earning good enough but i think could earn better
  12. Graphics bad.. but These colors are awesome on everychar and some day i will put there colors on my Iop B-)... test for your self on every char... PERFECT and Sexy :D CANT ADD THE PHOTO :@ Click Here Click please.... <_<
  13. Well ofcourse for non-lvl200 players it would be a problem, but i think if you can win him without this you could do it either with it.. idk.. If it would give your spell extra 1 range or 10dmg. B-) Its not much.. but is Huge bonus aswell. The quest should be almost like getting ochre... but as some guys dont do all that bulls**t and just buy this. Would be quite hard for lazy guys to do the quest.. It could be like Getting ALL dungeon keeper soul stones and giving to someone. Starting from CB soul till incarnam. :unsure:
  14. Imagane Dofus with a LVL7 spell.... >>> Needed > 1- A big amount of Spell Points(30-40) 2- Allowed only in lvl200 3- Allowed only to 1 spell 4- Needed to do a special quest for doing it What it gives? 1- Spell lvled in LVL7 will give it HUGE power, but as it is allowed only to 1 spell you would need to think wise. 2- Some more things could be thought ? idk :D ~~~ Threw a idea.. Please add some of yours about this! :huh:
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