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  1. Class: Panda Level: 199 Looking for a basic but dangerous set for my panda. Looking to farm frig 3 and looking for a basic frig 2 set that will do the job money isnt a problem but cant afford exos or ochres as im rebuilding whole team. just looking for a 10 ap set to smash shit in pvm. Only eggs are cawwot emearld kaplictus, turq (any size) REQUIRMENTS: 1/2 all spells and wepon Amazing vit initiative Thankyou :P Edit: Whatever build you want
  2. This game has turn't to shit. Iv quit a month ago yet i still love coming on here and trolln these posts. Whoever plays this game doesnt play for fun anymore they just either play to stroke thier E-peins or to Sell in game currency for irl money. Ankama is no fun.
  3. Now that everyone is quitting/playing less because of the stupid changes Ankama implements there trying to give a free to play weekend to gain members. Your a joke Ankama.
  4. Exuse me? No hard work? i bought most of mine? I dont know what game your playing or how many ogrines your buying but noone gets 70mk without hard work. And when did buying a perfect dofus become a negative thing? Why would i "Blaim" myself for it if i NEEDED it for my sets. People like yourself are the reason these updates need to be made. If its based on pure luck then you must have very bad luck if you want this update. :lol: Also you might want to edit your post as "Thirth " isnt a word. I have the right to make a bigdeal out of it. You are the one crying about service. Ankama took something from you? Maybe even changed one of your passwords and you LOST something i assume? So how is that any different then me stating my opinion about loosing millions of kamas? I have 3 turqs atm which i don't use. If those don't sell im stuck with them forever i guess. I have a clue what im talking about. They clearly stated the changes and implemented it with one dofus already.
  5. Im not complaining about people who get it via quest! Read my complaint. The quest i know for a FACT will be more repeatable then running DP 100 times lol. Thats just Ankama for us. BUT my complaint is about people who have BOUGHT THE LOWER VARIATIONS OF THE DOFUS. they will get it bumped for FREE. EDIT: With your logic are you saying ALL SMALL HOUSES SHOULD BE TORN DOWN AND WE SHOULD BUILD MANSIONS FOR THE OWNERS AT NO COST? I understand things change. But in real life when things change the past DOES NOT.
  6. When you work hard to get something PERFECT or spend millions to get something PERFECT you'd be mad if someone who payed 50mk less then you for the same item with the lowest stat possible got there's bumped to perfect with no cost. To be happy about this update you need to be someone with no dofus at all, Someone who has the lower increments of the dofus OR u must have that many kamas were you don't care. I have a lot of kamas but it still bothers me. Why is it fair that someone with an 11 crit dofus gets a perfect one without any extra work (50m price diffrence)? Why is it fair that Mimisimbics will make my Alyverol/livi items worth NOTHING? DOFUS NEVER USED TO BE A GAME FOR THE LAZY! Now its becoming that! Why? Because the newer generation of CHILDREN rather sit at the zapp and use mommy/daddy's credit card and buy "ogrines". And when they spend hundreds and still cant get the more expensive items since ogrines are expensive. They complain. Anyone who played pre 2.0 knows the real struggle dofus used to be...back in 07 when it didnt take 3 hours to get to level 100.
  7. There already screwing over people who bought Perfect turqs/cawwots/emearlds/crimsons tho....how is this any diffrent?.
  8. Maybe because we have over 500mk in dofus's that will soon be untradable?
  9. Dont you fools saying this is good realize what their doing?!?!?! They are making it IMPOSSIBLE to make vast amounts of kamas...By doing this they will gain much more profits as people who "Grind" on multiple accounts will eventually run out of kamas for ogrines and need to pay to play. These changes only make the lower levels happy as THEIR the ones ankama cares about as THEIR the ones that buy Ogrines with money to get kamas in the game. The maging system has already been changed to make Exos harder to mage with this coming update. so now my 8 Turqs will be linked to accounts and set to perfect even tho I already payed 70mk to get them perfect. This is some fucking bullshit if u ask me. Dofus client is DELETED off my computer....I only liked this game because every time i logged on i knew i had the chance to multiply everything i had in one session. Nothing brings joy to me more hearing about that level 100 who dropped a turq dofus or me myself running a nub through DV and him dropping an Emerald Dofus. ANKAMA YOU CAN NERF OUR CHAR'S ALL U WANT. BUT PLEASE.....DONT TAKE AWAY THE JOY OF THE GAME. Its funny cause you have all these nubs saying they like this change. But they dont realize these quests are going to be some NEXT LEVEL hard as hell quests that they cant do. Then they will be crying. Everyone who bought turqs or even Vulbis are going to quit now. And they are stupid if they continue to feed BillFR's money scams. This is an outrage PUNISHING ur CONSUMERS for buying items that were once considered "RARE". Its been a good 7 years. You have taken the joy out of the game. Why? Because its a grind? Because pissy ass little children who hold their parents CREDIT CARDS of the new generation complain everything is too hard? Iv had the funnest days playing Dofus when i was poor. Level 25, didn't know gear existed having fears of the "Flying Gobbal" my friends made up to scare me. Your ruining that ankama. Your ruining it all. YOU cant expect to make 8 accounts and complain that everything a grind. Im the owner of 8 engame accounts I KNOW! which is why i played 6...Keyword "Played" Thankyou for ruining your game ankama i used to have respect for you guys. Goodluck Irl people, -Chris
  10. But the Alliance village system works the exact same as brak/bonta used too? There has to be some benefits...
  11. Brock men pls, stop tryna escape ur duty as gout captain... our trolling duties begin tommorow pls
  12. Iop/Enu/Panda/Eni/Cra Thats my team and i can easily run every dung pre firg 3. (havent tried frig 3 as i kinda quit) ***If u can id lvl feca too tho as i hear panda/feca are very good for F3 and Fecas mp rape really helps for frig 2....but i do just fine without one as my feca is still kinda nubby*** I understand why you dont want all 8. I ran all 8 at one point and p2p gets outta hand sometimes and fights are alot longer.
  13. You can apparently on heroic! i got aggroed in bonta thinking i was safe :(
  14. Yea....Cheaters ruined that server....Not so much with 1v1 aggression...but some of the french got 8 accs going on different ips ready to attack...usually all osas around 80-101 lvl....Bullshit at its finest.
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