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Everything posted by Mutilated-wrath

  1. Mutilated-wrath

    accessing mono acc servers?

    anyone having trouble? mine keeps saying the connection is taking too long
  2. I'll be making an appearance in the new server. With a few friends. would love to join a guild as soon as one is created. str iop
  3. Mutilated-wrath

    Friends to play with

    hey guys! i have 2 almost maxed out accounts so 6 chars. if anyone needs someone to play with or just chill out on wakfu let me know! send me a message here wiht your ign and ill add you!
  4. Mutilated-wrath

    [Henual] People?!

    anyone still play here? ive just started a character :D
  5. Mutilated-wrath

    S>Hispanic shield

    Il buy 101mk

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