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Medo the Bear

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  1. m3do u f3g cum b3k 2 pl4t1num :^)

  2. Playing every day, try contacting me daily if you catch me offline. In-Game name: Medo-the-Bear
  3. Medo the Bear

    OMG quad quitting ???

    Ayyy lmao enjoy your time! btw you haven't witnessed major victory xd
  4. Medo the Bear

    Characters page

    When are they planning to fix Characters page already? I keep getting PAGE NOT FOUND and i cant manage my chars information ( jobs, equipment etc... )
  5. Medo the Bear

    Problem with Critical hit

    Hello I have a problem with seeing my CH rate on my weapon. My class is Cra. To get to the point, my Magic Arrow is 1/6 base same as my wand The Xyothine BUT when I use my Critical Shooting my Magic Arrow goes 1/2 yet my wand stays 1/6. Is there a bug that is not showing me the critical hit rate on weapon?? Because I checked Dofus Critical Calculator and its showing me 1/2. If you want to check too, I'll tell you my +crits and my agi. I have +19 crits from equipment and 160 Agility and then add to a count +9crits from Critical Shooting.