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  1. m3do u f3g cum b3k 2 pl4t1num :^)

  2. Playing every day, try contacting me daily if you catch me offline. In-Game name: Medo-the-Bear
  3. Ayyy lmao enjoy your time! btw you haven't witnessed major victory xd
  4. When are they planning to fix Characters page already? I keep getting PAGE NOT FOUND and i cant manage my chars information ( jobs, equipment etc... )
  5. Hello I have a problem with seeing my CH rate on my weapon. My class is Cra. To get to the point, my Magic Arrow is 1/6 base same as my wand The Xyothine BUT when I use my Critical Shooting my Magic Arrow goes 1/2 yet my wand stays 1/6. Is there a bug that is not showing me the critical hit rate on weapon?? Because I checked Dofus Critical Calculator and its showing me 1/2. If you want to check too, I'll tell you my +crits and my agi. I have +19 crits from equipment and 160 Agility and then add to a count +9crits from Critical Shooting.
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