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  1. Hello, I'm selling a Dolmanax and a Scarab Seemyool Harness in [0,1] merchant: Carcharoth You can send me a message here or discord Matt5150#8029 ~Cheers
  2. Well, looks like they just increment the bonus. So, piwin pets will give 120points or peki peki will give 600hp. Looks interesting but not sure woth it. I'm not sure about some res pet like Crum or El Scarador, they were pretty useful now and there is a chance they will be worse. On the other hand the lock pet will be amazing
  3. As title says I'm at [-3,0] The merchant is Carcharoth EDIT: updated 08/08 lowered the prices, pls buy all my equips!
  4. Your drawings are awesome! I'd love to get one too!
  5. In fact forget the kralove and the blackjack.
  6. Hello. Is this pet worth something? I think you can't get anymore and there aren't any in the market, that's why I'm asking. https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/encyclopedia/pets/12133-solid-plissken Thanks. PS: echo server
  7. LOL Yeah let's waste energies and resources to projects that will be cancelled. I'll bet that the next dofus update will be astrub and tutorial revamp.
  8. I wonder if there are news about this new design, or it was just a "test" for a drawing style lol
  9. Nice news. Keep going!
  10. 100'000 characters? So we are talking about 12'000-13'000 players lol
  11. What are you talking about?
  12. Inn shield, 1mp 1% air res exos, 20mk Tritun ring, overmage vi, 10mk Tritun boots, 3% fire exo, 7,5mk (I'm selling it at the shoemaker markert, it's the lowest price) SOLD Atcham sabers, 21mk If you are interested write here or send me a message in game, I'm Carcharoth Cheers~
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