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  1. Too bad..that guild name cracked me up :)
  2. Gidgy11

    Anyone still alive?

    I'm on Rem. too :) Hopefully see you online.
  3. One down...100s to go..now we just need to tempt the rest of the guild into wakfu :)
  4. Gidgy11

    General Advice & Guidance Thread

    Thanks - that completely answers my questions. I was particularly wondering about the white symbol - so know I know they are outlaws. :) Hopefully see you online some time. I always check at the Almanax zaap for names I recognize.
  5. Gidgy11

    General Advice & Guidance Thread

    Ok..I need to ask two very noobish questions (partially because it's all changed so much since I played a few years ago) 1) Will you only get aggroed by an enemy nation if your pvp is turned on? Or does choosing a nation make the other areas essentially no-go (or at least..run and sneak areas) 2) What do the various symbols over people's heads mean? Does that indicate their nation? Thanks in advance!
  6. llamas, cookies, AND hats...dang, I'm on the wrong server :)
  7. Ghyl played wakfu for a bit last year (yay for guild logs) Thanks for the info...you should come over to wakfu :D Do you remember Pets-Summoner? He's playing as well.
  8. Gidgy11

    Anyone fancy starting together?

    I'm not in your timezone so I may be a pain to play with but I'm just getting back into Wakfu as well (lvl 51). Feel free to add me to your friends list.
  9. Heya Just wondering if anyone knows how to get in touch with Cajun or Sedna/Gyhl from the Rosal server? They also play Wakfu on Remington with the same names. I'm trying to track either of them down. Thanks Gidgy (Trish)

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