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  1. Thoughts on Double XP Weekend

    Hi all! I've recently come back to Dofus after a pretty long break, and was lucky enough to have the Double XP about two weeks into my return. At the time, I was feeling a bit solitary when I was online. The past weekend, however, has been fantastic. I'm at 199 and trying to hit 200 (the struggle is real) and so many people have helped me - whether it be running dungeons with me, opening up Frigost with me, starting Dofus quests with me. It's been amazing. I didn't make as much progress as I'd have liked levelling up (I still have 40% to go! T_T) but what I did discover is that there's a great community out there, it just sometimes takes a little prompt (from yourself, or Ankama) to create those relationships. For anybody interested in chatting in game, running some dungeons, or whatever I can help with, my name is Stormborn and I'm on Echo :)
  2. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: CraBuild: Int & Agi or Omni Kamas/time available: 100mkCurrent team: SoloLvl range: 200Extra comments: Haven't decided whether to go int/agi or omni yet, but have worked up two sets to consider. Any kind of feedback would be appreciated :)PvM What I've currently been thinking of: Omni - https://www.dofusplanner.com/NgRPd/ Int/Agi - https://www.dofusplanner.com/sA1ge/ I'm obviously not set on any of these just yet, ideally I'd like more Vit but really struggling to see how. I haven't played in a good few years, so a lot of the end game gear is new to me & generally, just need a little guidance with it! :)
  3. 142 Int/Agi Cra

    Hi all! Been away from Dofus for awhile, coming back to a whole load of changes which has been incredibly difficult to get used to. Unfortunately it seems that whilst I was away, my account was hacked - so I get a fresh start! :) I've got a Cra, lvl 142, main focus is int/agi PvE! Here's the trouble though, I can't seem to find many (if any!) int/agi based sets, so I wondered if you had any suggestions for that? Also, what type of weapon to go for? I was thinking something close range to fall back on in an attacker gets up close and personal, but what are the best options around? Do classes still suffer with -dmg buffs for choosing certain weapons? Any help & advice would be appreciated... oh, and happy holidays! :)
  4. AHH! This is fantastic!! Great work! :D
  5. North America & the state of Dofus

    I'm in the UK and get ~70 and I'm on 130mb, but we're just across the pond from France so pretty close. However, I do play regularly with a friend who lives around 30 minutes away who gets 150-300 ping pretty regularly and we get the 'Waiting for...' message a lot. Location isn't everything, but it's one factor you can't help I guess. If the game runs fine though, fingers crossed and pray you don't DC.
  6. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: Eca Build: Str (a little bit agi would be good too, but mainly str) Kamas/time available: 9-10mk + extra time to make more. Current team: Solo :) Lvl range: 140-160 (I'm looking for something I can buy and will keep me going for a little while, as I can't afford to keep buying extra) Extra comments: I haven't played in a little while, so this is probably really basic, I've had a few ideas myself but I just want to check that I'm going down the right tracks as there are so much new gear that I haven't had a chance to properly look over. I have no trophies and only have a Cawwot dofus, so any tips on the best to invest in regarding those would be great too. :) PvM :)
  7. State of the game?

    I'm on Rushu, I returned to the game a few weeks ago, bringing my friend along with me after telling him what a fantastic game it was. We played around in Incarnam (dead) and eventually gave up and travelled to Astrub in hopes of finding more lower level players. It was quite honestly pretty barren. I decided it would probably best for me to leech him up a few levels, so I did that on my 135 sac. I said I'd help him buy some starting equips only to find that adventurer sets are an extortionate price now as are most lower level gear. Getting that type of money at such a low level is pretty much impossible and I feel like the economy and game is catered towards level 150+ with multi accounts. I've struggled to find groups for dungeons, xp, etc. since returning and instead see lots of people running around with their own accounts. It's pretty dismal, the game feels less social than ever, even my guild members pass up all group activities to level their team of 8 on their own. As I can't afford nor have the time to manage 8 characters I'm beginning to wonder whether or not I have a place within the game and that's pretty sad, especially after loving the game so much previously and having passed on that enthusiasm to my friend who felt completely underwhelmed, and, incidentally did use the word 'dead' to describe it. :/

    So I've been back on Rushu for about a week now and I'm really struggling to do activities like dungeons, etc. because I don't multi account etc. I'm a level 135 Sac (switching to Eca as soon as I can afford the Ogrines!). I'm not a massive PvP player but used to do a little bit a fair few years ago, I'm mostly looking for a friendly group of people/guild who're happy to help each other out and get stuck in with some dungeons and stuff and won't mind answering a few noobie questions as it really has been awhile since I played (the last time I properly played prisms were still around...)
  9. Eca builds?

    Ah thank you so much for this guys, I think because the main reason I wanted to change class was to have a larger variety of spells etc. so I may go with strength! :) Int was super appealing too after reading these posts!
  10. Eca builds?

    bump^^ thanks guys c:
  11. Rushu, I am in you!

    Thanks for the welcomes guys! :)
  12. Rushu, I am in you!

    Just wanted to say hey! Have played since around 2008, had a level 180 eni before college and university got in the way, came back and started a sac which is now around level 130. I'm just a little bit baffled by everything that has happened over the past few years but I'm slowly getting my head around everything! :) Also, definitely looking for an active guild that doesn't mind a few nooby questions from a very confused Stormborn haha.
  13. Eca builds?

    It's been awhile since I've played, so excuse me if any of these questions seem obvious! :) I've decided to change classes from Sac to Eca (level 134), but before I do I'm trying to decide what gear I need and what builds to do, so I wondered. Is Str the best choice? I was contemplating an agi/cha or an agi/str build but I'm unsure how viable that is at the moment with current sets etc?
  14. The new changes

    What changes have they made to sacs? :s
  15. New guild :)

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'll definitely give it a go, and see what they say. :)