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  1. Hey i've one ochre for sale and the price is 48mk. Please pm me in game /w Pankci-Moruk
  2. The price is 14 mk. If you want to buy please leave a message to this topic thx
  3. i'm looking for max res 10-12 dmg mp exo bearbaric wedding ring.I'm paying around 45-50mk depends on other stats hit me up if you want to sell :) /w Pankci-Moruk
  4. i'm willing to pay 55 mk for your ochre. Let me know if you accept my offer /w Pankci-Moruk
  5. i'm paying following prices and the prices are NOT negotiable. Please contact me via imps Crimson Dofus 25mk Ochre Dofus 75mk Emerald dofus 6mk Bought them eggs close it plx
  6. hey i would like to buy your gein hat if you make some discount. please catch me in game to negotiate the price ! /w pankci-moruk
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