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  1. Oh! Cool! Thanks Pentecost. I appreciate the help. ^-^; Hopefully I can see some of you guys around when I rebuild. Thank you.
  2. Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate the help. ^-^'. I'll have a look at all of the items proposed and make a decision based off of that. Thank you!
  3. Okay, so, are you saying agi/int would be best for PvM and PvP? If so, what gears do you think I would be looking at? (I figure, I am already scrolled in agi and int, so it woud be logical to be int/agi build.)
  4. Only reason is because all my spells are levelled agi/chance. Do you think agi/int would be better? Budget is pretty much out of the question as I just want to know what gears I would need so I can look into mats to make them/buy. So, I'm not really concerned about budgets for now.
  5. I have a lvl 178 cra and ive scrolled agi/wis/int to 101. His base agi is 200. I'm basically looking for a pure agi or hybrid agi/chance gear setup for my cra. Now, you're probably thinking "How on earth do you not know what gears to use; you're 178!", now let me explain. I started dofus in the early days of beta and have been on and off since. Last DOFUS binge I did, I got pretty into it and raised my cra to 178, gave all my gears away and quit... In 2010. Upon returning to this god-forsaken game, I've noticed A LOT of shit has changed. Now, I have no idea what new equips there are or how th
  6. Hey guys, is there actually any very new updated Feca guides? I haven't been on Imps in around 3 - 4 years so maybe shits changed. Thanks
  7. I'm scared of spiders man. Holy crap, spiders are run-through-a-wall scary. I'm a 6'3 dude and they make me run like a sissy. -_-
  8. Haha! :D I don't know what server to play on. I'm thinking good 'ol rushu. :3 I'm surprised that people are still on here haha. It's been so long. :o edit: Actually I have a naked 178 cra which I need someone to help me plan on how I should solve this problem/how I should regear him. It's been so long since I've played I wouldn't know where to start,
  9. Hm. So much has changed since I was last on here. I wonder if anyone I knew is still on here. Well, hello new Imps. :D
  10. Amen to JPS. He was a turq God. I was good friends with -Predator and --Predator, Rasengan, OTTOMAN-EMPIRE They werent loved because they were leet. Hahaha.
  11. G'devening Imps. I have no idea if anyone still remembers me, it's been possibly 2 years. The site has changed a heap since. I hope the people haven't! :D I'm back on Rushu, as a nab lvl 12 Cra, named Archantos. Give me a yell ingame if you remember who I am, or if you just want a new friend. xD Thank you ~Ash ps: Old character was Weezdum.
  12. Haha, why thank you.

  13. You're hot. That is all.

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