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  1. Been a while old friend. Hit us up on mono server Ilyzaelle if you still read this and are keen to check it out again. A lot of the old crew returned during Covid. 

  2. I never said lol. ICT, world's no. 2 institute for all things chemical engineering B)

  3. all good :D wer r u from? sory i forgot D:

  4. aah. so how's it going mira road? :D

  5. Just a small town boyyyyyyy born and raised in south detroiiiiiiiiiit.... took the midnight train going aaaaaaaanyyyyywhere

  6. Lol yes that is what matters. So why don't you come to Rushu is the question? Come Kolo wit me bro!!

  7. Corruption Dead! Zato kinda dead ! But i m still alive!!! thats wat fucking matters rite?!?!

  8. :O I have actually been considering coming back to Zato :D

    Is it still dead there? Is Corruption still alive?

  9. Delete ur sram and quit for good ! or come back to zato!

  10. Hahah I am alive!! And I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off! Hpw are you king homogay?

  11. you fag are you fucking alive?!?!?

  12. Oh Great! Nice to meet you too :D ! I stay in Mira Rd :P you?
  13. Heya :D I am From India , Mumbai . Playin on Zato server atm :)
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