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  1. We will just have to await the Supreme Court verdict..
  2. I've sent a ticket, but in the meantime.. I have the correct amount of ogrines, I use the Transfer a character to another account service, I chose the "Transferring your character to a new account is incredibly simple" function, fill in the new account details, create said account, and 3 seconds later "Sorry, but your account isn't eligible for subscription to this service! Any questions? Consult the FAQ". So I try to create another new account using the services' function and when I click accept, the page simply refreshes itself, the account is not created, and the information I typed is cle
  3. Indeed, it was a good fight, keep up the good work!
  4. Never thought of transferring rogue to enis account, thats actually a great idea thanks!
  5. What I Have Acct1: 200 sram/elio Acct2: 200 iop/cra Acct3: 200 eni Acct4: 200 enu/rogue/masq/feca/panda (and so on) What I Want Number of New Accts: 4 Goal: end game dungeons Leaning Toward: transferring panda to either Acct1 or Acct2 in order to build around the rogue.. sram/panda/eni/rogue or panda/iop/eni/rogue or perhaps something else?
  6. Shank

    Cant log in

    Out of curiosity, can anyone here log in? Judging by their twitter page, it may not be everyone?
  7. Shank

    Cant log in

    We better get a couple energy candies as compensation..
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