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  1. Code ZAAP122019 for 2 free days of subscription. Code validity ends on Sunday 01/12/2019 at 23:45 so you better use it quickly.
  2. Don't wanna ruin the party, but allow me to point out the fact that the server didn't even launch yet and they already announced their intention to change the game. I'm not talking about this being negative or positive, just pointing out a simple fact, then you might interprete it as you prefer based on your ideas. Personally, I hope they stop right there with the changes, but we are talking about Ankama aren't we? We'll see. Also, why the heck did they write "Kralov" instead of "Kralove"? I've seen it written as "Kralove" everywhere since ever. Typo? dafuq.
  3. "It has been completed today" ? It's been like that for an entire week dawgg. Imo you are wasting time trying to open it, the mechanic to open G&G is waaay to hard for the Echo server in it's current state. Check out my post asking mods to open it instead (like they did in previous years LOL) https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/2-general-discussion/335313-will-vulkania-dungeon-get-open-this-summer-i-doubt
  4. It almost looks I myself wrote these 2 posts straight out of my head. I thought I was the only one with these ideas. I see people around on Echo thinking the state of the Server and the 2.0 game in general is fine, whereas to me it is utterly awful. I despise Achievements, Class Rebalancing, %off buyers, economy being plain dead, the constant state of "selfprogress" as Marko exposed, did we notice the Kolossium has Leagues exactly like League of Legends? (Ankama, you serious dawg???). I remember pvping back in 1.29 (2009-2010) with half a gobball set and actually winning and losing 30 min 1v1 fights, doing dungs together, being with guildmates that actually helped each other in a more "brotherhood" way. Those remembrances are far gone, the current state of at least Echo is straight up Another game. Switching to 1.29 is probably not just the best decision but the only one. gj. Edit: I remember I used to be decent in pvp, now I don't even know what spells one fifth of the classes have, there are just too many spells!!! Should I put countless hours learning them all? I'm not 12 yrs old like in 2009 no more, If I log to the game it's to have some fun, not to spend countless boring hours to THEN have a few hours of fun, is this still a GAME?. Quests are incredibly long, super hard fights, for instance, in the new crocuzko Island I was doing the quests, the fights are NOT easy, I had put switch the Ivory to almost every char just to get through the solo fight. Is every endgame player supposed to have an Ivory????, and that's just for the 10 point quest achievement, not some legendary dofus or other some crap. The world of twelve has now 16 classes ? To me those 12 were just fine, and it's even more ridiculous the fact they keep saying "The World of Twelve" in the promoting videos for new Dofuses updates (the trailers).
  5. I will soon have 400 Solar's brain. Can you buy them all?
  6. Bought from my alliance leader he's a great guy. THREAD Can be Closed
  7. Buy Ivory, around 55mk. /w Arthur-fookin-Shelby in game or just pm here on imps. In case you wanna rent it, I'd be giving the average Ivory price of (55mk????, negotiable/debatable) + the rent price we agree on, I'd use it to do some achievements and then give it back to you and you give me back the ivory kamas while keeping the renting kamas, should be clear.
  8. This is not the same game anymore man. My best advice would be to look for another game, with a lower addiction rate also. Not a coincidence players come back after 7 years.
  9. Yea well, thinking twice I'll probably do that on my own since I have 14 lv200 myself.
  10. Let's face it, Dofus 1.29 and Dofus 2.0 are two different games. For every post in the current "Post your goals and achievements" thread, 1/40, 1/50 or even more is Dofus 1.29. I actually think nobody really posts 1.29 stuff there because they feel it's not the right place, like posting a car review on a cooking blog. If the 1.29 community could have their own "Post your goals and achievements" thread, I bet they'd post much more often. Simple screens like "Up lvl 80! Time to kick some ass with my new royal blop set!" is what is a big thing in 1.29, whereas in 2.0 that's absolutely nothing. I won't post anything on a thread if I'm sure 95% of the people won't be interested in my post. Considering those kinds of percentages, posting in that case would be SPAM wouldn't it? It shouldn't be much effort to just create another official thread by the admins. I hope other 1.29 players manifest this common interest so the admins can care a bit more. Have a nice day every1.
  11. Great! Now I just lost the only person that used to put likes to my imps posts :sadface: quitting nowadays is a sign of the player being a sane individual. gj. gg. bye bruh
  12. Magus is stupid easy to level, just get a Macro program and a few thousand 1 cha/int/agi/str. I used to level mines to lv100 in less than a day.
  13. He doesn't need it trust me.
  14. This shit is getting too complicated, thank god I took a break
  15. No I'm not playing with that account, you now see 8 accounts instead of 6 (after John got hacked I had 6 left only as I was plaything with 7) because in the last month I transferred 2 chars to a new acc and changed class+name and geared them, that's why they are not 6, not 7, but 8 now. In fact if u see now "John" is not 'John' anymore but "Johnny" and it's also a Sram now. ps: I managed to get the scammer acc banned. (not 100% sure it was me though)
  16. weird af I swear I dreamed it a few days ago it would come out the ebony dofus and it was like +5hp. no jk. I know this doesn't make any sense, but if im truly developing supernatural powers the world must benefit
  17. BIG Halloween party at @Abraham Van Helsing Quinotaur's Haven Bag making the serv on the edge of crashing!!
  18. After spamming again /b for several days looking for a nice stats AP hairsh or bruce, nothing. rip echo. I noticed I had an unused hairsh ring on panda and out of boredom decided to test 10-11 runes as I got some cheap (35kk x9) ones in mkt. I probably wouldn't have gone beyond 11 attempts. 2 tries. BOOM. regardless of the nice stats, very very little adrenaline rush on this one... perhaps my resistance levels are raising (drug tolerance increasing) exo after exo. My exo ap/mp/range/sum season is officially ovah! not touching a rune for the next 2yrs at least. I'm aware I left 6 sink unused. Besides the fact I didn't really have room to use that 6 sink, it was a trap (not talkin about those traps Quadro), cuz when u use the sink the mudafaka neva goes in, when u forget to use it u get suddenly lucky.
  19. Finally!!!! F5 on the whole team. Can't lie it's been very hard. A big thank you to @Casino-Royal for the Sylargh tips, and a HUGE thank you to Sicilian-Dragon (Quinotaur) the guy who made it possible and who constantly wins impossible fights. If anybody needs tips, drop me a pm ig and I'll drop the knowledge.
  20. TheLuMMo


    My friend maged me something like 2 days ago an Asse shield +MP, he managed to mage it exo 1%res and also the MP ofc. 10 tries. I myself did recently as you my buddy Veis know 2 exos with quite a low number of attempts. That same friend of mine from the Asse shield just failed over 350 range attempts on a sword. A few months back I failed 230 mp attempts on a fookin Lavaring. It still looks totally random to me based on the events I've mentioned above. Btw I have been exoing in beta in the last few days and odds have been varying from 1 to max 60 attempts for successes, and for failures sticking to 150+. Regarding the put back on of AP/MP/Range after using the sink to exo some stats, based on my 4-5 mages falling under this category, I saw a change compared to a few years ago towards it being harder, but not necessarily in the last months, either way I guess 4-5 mages do not constitute a sufficient sample for an unbiased opinion. That said I would NOT be surprised at all if Ankama made such a change without letting it known publicly. Such "adjustments" have been made over the years (this game exists from 2004 bois) and I don't remember it ever being announced.
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