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  1. I will soon have 400 Solar's brain. Can you buy them all?
  2. Bought from my alliance leader he's a great guy. THREAD Can be Closed
  3. Buy Ivory, around 55mk. /w Arthur-fookin-Shelby in game or just pm here on imps. In case you wanna rent it, I'd be giving the average Ivory price of (55mk????, negotiable/debatable) + the rent price we agree on, I'd use it to do some achievements and then give it back to you and you give me back the ivory kamas while keeping the renting kamas, should be clear.
  4. This is not the same game anymore man. My best advice would be to look for another game, with a lower addiction rate also. Not a coincidence players come back after 7 years.
  5. Yea well, thinking twice I'll probably do that on my own since I have 14 lv200 myself.
  6. Let's face it, Dofus 1.29 and Dofus 2.0 are two different games. For every post in the current "Post your goals and achievements" thread, 1/40, 1/50 or even more is Dofus 1.29. I actually think nobody really posts 1.29 stuff there because they feel it's not the right place, like posting a car review on a cooking blog. If the 1.29 community could have their own "Post your goals and achievements" thread, I bet they'd post much more often. Simple screens like "Up lvl 80! Time to kick some ass with my new royal blop set!" is what is a big thing in 1.29, whereas in 2.0 that's absolutely nothing. I won't post anything on a thread if I'm sure 95% of the people won't be interested in my post. Considering those kinds of percentages, posting in that case would be SPAM wouldn't it? It shouldn't be much effort to just create another official thread by the admins. I hope other 1.29 players manifest this common interest so the admins can care a bit more. Have a nice day every1.
  7. Great! Now I just lost the only person that used to put likes to my imps posts :sadface: quitting nowadays is a sign of the player being a sane individual. gj. gg. bye bruh
  8. Magus is stupid easy to level, just get a Macro program and a few thousand 1 cha/int/agi/str. I used to level mines to lv100 in less than a day.
  9. This shit is getting too complicated, thank god I took a break
  10. No I'm not playing with that account, you now see 8 accounts instead of 6 (after John got hacked I had 6 left only as I was plaything with 7) because in the last month I transferred 2 chars to a new acc and changed class+name and geared them, that's why they are not 6, not 7, but 8 now. In fact if u see now "John" is not 'John' anymore but "Johnny" and it's also a Sram now. ps: I managed to get the scammer acc banned. (not 100% sure it was me though)
  11. weird af I swear I dreamed it a few days ago it would come out the ebony dofus and it was like +5hp. no jk. I know this doesn't make any sense, but if im truly developing supernatural powers the world must benefit
  12. BIG Halloween party at @Abraham Van Helsing Quinotaur's Haven Bag making the serv on the edge of crashing!!
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