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  1. TheLuMMo

    Old player wondering WTF?

    The game itself is nice, but the way it is run and everything else is shit. Whoever doesn't agree is too addicted to.
  2. TheLuMMo

    HACKED ACC [John-fookin-Shelby]

    btw that sound's more like a hater sentence than truth. I bought it so it was mine, rules against or not. But ye Sheldon is right I bought it, on Ebay from the only seller which sells accs. Watch out. $74 bucks in the whole (and let's not count gear scrolls and time spent).
  3. My CHARACTER John-fookin-Shelby got hacked. Please do not consider John-fookin-Shelby one of my characters anymore, I am no longer responsible for whatever the hacker/old-owner, decides, etc. Old owner did that, I wanted to post some info about him but Admin told me it's not allowed unfortunately. [11:07] (Info) imtooold-forthisshiiit (John-fookin-Shelby) is not online. Guild Peaky fookin' Blinders, alliance [fOOk] https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/community/directories/character-pages/84205400201-john-fookin-shelby He is no longer in my guild ofc, and on the character page items appear to be removed. I have removed the char from my Imps profile IGNs. Sad to see you go like dat John.
  4. TheLuMMo

    Kralove Opening 2 June at 5:00 PM DOFUS TIME

    [17:53] (Info) Achievement unlocked: [Giant Kralove (Duo)] [17:53] (Info) Achievement unlocked: [All's Fair in Kralove] Ty.
  5. TheLuMMo

    Kralove Opening 2 June at 5:00 PM DOFUS TIME

    Ok I've spoken to the ones interested, KRALOVE OPENING SET TO START SATURDAY 2 JUNE AT 5:00 PM DOFUS TIME (use command /time in Dofus to understand which time it is (European/Paris time))
  6. TheLuMMo

    S> Abyssal Dofus x3

    any chance u taking 20m for one ? xd
  7. EDITED:KRALOVE OPENING SET TO START SATURDAY 2 JUNE AT 5:00 PM DOFUS TIME (use command /time in Dofus to understand which time it is (European/Paris time)) It's been a few weeks I've been looking to open Kralove. I'm available with 7 chars. 41 more needed to open it. Somebody available to help ? Contact me in game if u want /w Arthur-fookin-Shelby
  8. TheLuMMo

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Still wondering what are the odds of the summon exo :O Didn't count attempts, less than 10 for sure. I wanted either exo summon and decent stats or full stats 10/10 dmg.
  9. Ok.

    I agree with joost. Finer than Swingfly. forgive me dear swing..........

  10. TheLuMMo

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    guy is buying one with ur stats 30m. that's a savage mage.
  11. TheLuMMo

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Guys, I don't think there's a better place for this little question, Are those magic potions to reset stats effective on maging stuff lvl 200 ? Like to spare kamas ? Each potion costs around 500 nuggets, +- 135kk.
  12. TheLuMMo

    Agi vs Int Rogue?

    This answer is towards PvM only, though I do know of int rogues doing good PvP (though again they all have sets anyway and continuously switch depending on target xd) I don't "try" to do PvM, I do PvM. I'll be honest I'm no expert in rogue, have been using mine for around 1 month only, still learning. Mine is int, for the Bworker (Duo) I've put on an agi set and still worked greatly, but int should be what you mostly use depending on the type of PvM and the type of team you practice and have. Put on the Corrupted Bow so you have pulsar + the 3 ap linear spell and bow, and ofc leek pies all you want.
  13. TheLuMMo

    Any Wing Leech service ?

    PvP is for the mob.