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  1. Hi, thanks for your help. I have actually checked few pages back, but somehow missed it I guess. Gonna check them out :).
  2. Hello, Iam looking for a set: Class, lvl: Yop 200 Ele: str or str/int Purpose: some pvm, but mainly pvp koths/5v5 def. Budget: cheap exo(broucey, bearb,..), eme, turq, crim and ~60-80mk So iam looking for some set solutions. Preferably 30+ res (neut can be lower maybe. Either str or str/int whatever fits into my budget/requirements more. Decent vit and definitely no -crit res. I have been trying to build set myself for omni/str/strint, but I cant get it right. Never balanced in terms of res (evenly spread out instead of smth like random 50% cha res) vs dmg.
  3. Have: 199 omni eca, fairly well geared, 11/5 atm, decent resists, hits nice Want: one acc that would pair with eca the best for as many duos as possible. it should also be efficient with average gear, because iam first pushing ecas eqs to be top notch. leaning towards (the order is arbitrary, actually i have got no preferences at all. it is just the duos i thought about): Enu - cause i have tried this duo already and int/mp red enu seems useful for all the tricks they have + healing wep. lower dmg output tho. also chest is super sweet and allows me to farm for decent profit with just 2 chars. Elio - it just seems to make everything better, heals, nice dmg Sram - for double, dmg, traps. would make the duo relly on ecas sustain tho Panda - they still seem to be very desirable for all the dungeons Sadi - it seems to pair worse with eca than for example panda/enu, but they were always my favourite and my first 100 char. however, i hate how summons drag out simple fights. I have had the best success with eca, because it is so versatile and I have been able to solo lots of content with it. Definitely fun in pvp for me, because you can fight both close and ranged, also one extra turn of life thanks to luck often feels like cheating. In pvm it outclassed everything I have tried (iop, sadi, xelor, feca), because of the before mentioned versatility, sustain and dmg.Sadi, because they are also very versatile and can handle mobs when they develop dolls. Never played Sram, but they seem to have really good skill set for pvp and I have seen epic pvm srams. no personal experience though.
  4. I advise against changing. In CYGNI you usually find people to do stuff with. You cant buy all the stuff you can on Rushu, but you can craft it and people are happy to help/check their banks. Shika is not going to get any less dead if everybody moves away :(.
  5. What I have: Acc 1: 18x Str ecaflip, that will go int/agi when I reach endgame Acc 2: 8x Enutrof My question: Is Eca/Enu team that can go reasonably well in pvm, while being able to do some of the duos. I don't count with being able to do the hard duos, however I'm quite try-hard, so I was wondering if it wouldn't be better to get enu to reasonable level for simple drop whoring and then creating Panda, that would be second acc's main character. I somehow feel that the Panda option is quite better, so which element should I make it?
  6. Ok thank you very much, that sounds nice.
  7. So could I ask for sample int/agi set that I could strive towards? Preferably pvm, I love to pvp, but I expect that it needs bigger investment.
  8. Shika, I've tried other servers a bit, but shika just feels the best for me.
  9. Thanks, I'll check them out. Yea the moo wis is not high, but with my base wis I get to 470 with moo, so I'm kinda ok with it for now.
  10. Thank you, I will do so and acquire the greater power. Mind if I ask you for one set, perhaps the one you use most frequently in pvm. I will roll with moo for now and save kumarz, which I'm bad at, but something I could work towards would be nice. Also I don't feel that single accounting is that big disadvantage, I tried to play atleast two, but FOR ME it is so boring.
  11. Hello, I've returned to dofus again and used the ogrines service to retrieve my 180 str moo eca. At the moment scrolled 101str/wis, working towards other stats via doples and I wonder what route should I take, it seems like str is not the build that suits eca the best now. I was thinking about either int/cha or str/cha or int/agi. Which one is better? Pvm and pvp wise or is pure -insert any stat- the way to go? Iam solo accounter so I enjoy the high earth dmg I got with only moo set that allows me to lvl fast, however iop seems to suit the str damage dealer role more and int seems to be favourable group wise. I was thinking about playing other of my chars, but they are lower leveled and I tend to want to play other classes all the time no matter what I play, so I decided to stick with eca. I'd be really thankful for any input on this dilema along with sample budget set (<20mk). I wasn't sure where to post, so sorry if this is the wrong place, but since this suits neither the equipment post nor the what should I play, I decided to make this. Thanks in advance Bonaquad
  12. What I Have: Acct1: Eca 155 (retired), bunch of random 60-100 chars What I Want: Number of New Accts: 0 Goal: Need to decide on class, should be fine in both pve/pvp Leaning Toward: Feca, Sadida (annoying bramble animation really annoys me :X), Pandawa, maybe cra Extra Comments: I will have 101 wis + 101 one element of choice, some mk for equips Help me decide :D
  13. I'd rather have combination of spell that would make me OP rather than one "pseudo op" spell, that stands no chance against those combinations(when used right), just saying.
  14. Well playful at 5 has like half the base dmg of feline and is 5ap, so leaping there and there I'd cast one playful for like 1/3 dmg of two felines. The gear is okay, but yea.... It's cras and I agree that it takes all the fun and tactics of eca away and gets boring.
  15. Iam 15x Eca and I use feline because in some cases I just have to and imo it's the 1-3 range that makes me use it. Also usually when I have to use it, it's vs cra, the range rape along with pushback and mp rape gives me no other real option to win the fight. But I'd be happy to use my big kit of various spells to win, but as I said I have no chance to win vs some classes w/o it. Also the delay on rekop is stupid, take my feline, but give me different rekop. Range rape too good against me :-(. Also I'm not complaining about cras, but most of the time it is them who make me use it.
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