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  1. 100 Costumagus, pay me after we've finished whatever you think is fair. Can either mage through interface or by exchanging item and runes for a less painful experience. Pm me in game on Scamp.
  2. There's a lot of us on Algathe if you can't find anyone.
  3. Was considering coming back after a bit of time off. Was thinking of playing a masq but have read that they're not very useful/good right now, Is this correct? Mainly just looking for something that's good fun and has potential to do well if played right. Thanks
  4. Sorry I should have mentioned i'm only level 199 :/ Thanks though because I was trying to think of a 200 set for when I get there.
  5. Was considering a Agi/Cha Rogue as my team lacks both sorts of damage, more so agi though. Was thinking something like this: http://dofusplanner.com/jlTVr/ Appreciate any suggestions. Edit: This is the set I came up with in the end with some help from other people. http://dofusplanner.com/BL5Ca/
  6. Heinz Tomato soup Hot weather or Cold weather?
  7. So I finally got my Int rogue to level 178. It's currently in a Tengu set, Limbo wand, Gelano, Obsidian ring and amulet. It's also got an Ochre. With everything on it's essentially 11/7 but 11/6 because of the Mp cap....Anyway I was wandering what to change if anything. Maybe get a Jackanapes and go 12/5 and replace my MP mount with a pet?. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Antic

    Int Rogue

    Thanks for everyones reply, i'll take the advice on board.
  9. So i'm a 167 int rogue. At the moment i've scrolled 101 int and 101 vit. I'm not sure how many points to put in int and how many to put in vit considering the softcaps for rogues. Any help would be very nice.
  10. What is your name? Jacob Edwards How old are you? 15 Where do you live? England Are you for or against? why are you? A bit of both. I'm against because in the past there have been some cases that have been wrong and the person proved not guilty. If they were killed then their life would have gone to waste. Also the distress on the persons family would be a lot, if they're kept in a prison then they can at least be visited. Although if there is hard evidence that someone has murdered another person then I think they should be put to death. What do you think about other people that are again
  11. Jacobbbb!!!! ;D

  12. Hey guys, been playing LoL awhile, just got back into it with a friend of mine. My name in game is Kraats if you want to add me and maybe play a few games. (Big surprise, i don't play Le blanc, usually play Warwick/Teemo/Singed)
  13. SO heres a drawing of my freinds (Male eca) Tell me what you guys think :P
  14. SO i'm on holiday at the moment and have a lot of spare time. I found a pretty good free drawing app for mac called SketchBookExpress. Heres a drawing i did of my Eca If you guys have any helpful tips/advice it would be greatly appreciated :).
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