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  1. RadioactivePoison

    Hakfu's Videos

    *whispers* Why dont you play on henual with youbutsu... for some REAL rng. (lalalala 1.29 roulette)
  2. RadioactivePoison

    What's your favorite dungeon?

    gobball before they added the dumb 4-8loot system.
  3. RadioactivePoison

    What if

    So if you wear only pre 2.0 items , e.g Sucker set And only Orginal dofus (No trophies) ( pets can be debateable) then you can exceed the 12/6/6 limit If you wear anything thats post 2.0 it gets capped at 12/6/6 again. So you can lets say get a sucker set+ fillers for 17ap/7mp but if you decide to change the hat to lets say a Mastagob you are capped back to 12ap.
  4. RadioactivePoison

    Redesign of Pets

    i dont i just dont have time for dofus in general anymore
  5. RadioactivePoison

    What if

    What if..All pre 2.0 equipment had special conditions, allowing you to surpass the current exotic limits AS LONG as all you wear is from that era? Would that make any difference in the current dofus meta game?
  6. RadioactivePoison

    Redesign of Pets

    i have a gobtubby somewhere thats a ghost with the old pre 2.0 ghost art am gonna lose him forever now
  7. RadioactivePoison

    The last person to post here wins

    A friendly hug?!
  8. RadioactivePoison

    Higher GHz or more cores for Dofus?

    Iv got a question Would IPC be more important to dofus? since in my experience dofus doesn't really care about multicore processors, just really fast ones. Also would there be performance issues because of dofus being wrote as 32bit and your running a 64bit system?
  9. RadioactivePoison

    Incorrect Banning & Abuse of Support

    Wait... no more izmar?? when did she leave lul, last time i checked she use to do those patch note videos on youtube.
  10. RadioactivePoison

    Under The Edge

    just need almond dt so darn rats dont keel me when i try to xp.
  11. RadioactivePoison

    Under The Edge

    Oh supreme leader Do you haz any of those Almonds Dragoturkies for which you have already made love with? If so i shall offer you Weeed Kamaz for the Abused drago
  12. RadioactivePoison

    Random Screenshots

    They keep looking even more shitter then before. In my opinion dofus 1.29 eggs > all. (Although i do love how the first dofus 2 vulbis looked like)
  13. RadioactivePoison

    League of Legends

    Would it be wise to use Wrist support if am planning on grinding League for like 7-10 hours a day? Insane i know but i wanna stream plus climb to really high elo, my goal is to hit diamond 1-2 or even Masters. Also thoughts on New adc updates/items? as a sivir main, i think they pretty much killed her early/mid game, while certain lane bulles are getting buffed.
  14. RadioactivePoison

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    you still have that potatoe mp MF hat i made ya?
  15. RadioactivePoison

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Wow they are good but will i need to get those dags 1/2? damage seems low on non crits.