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  1. Under The Edge

    just need almond dt so darn rats dont keel me when i try to xp.
  2. Under The Edge

    Oh supreme leader Do you haz any of those Almonds Dragoturkies for which you have already made love with? If so i shall offer you Weeed Kamaz for the Abused drago
  3. Random Screenshots

    They keep looking even more shitter then before. In my opinion dofus 1.29 eggs > all. (Although i do love how the first dofus 2 vulbis looked like)
  4. League of Legends

    Would it be wise to use Wrist support if am planning on grinding League for like 7-10 hours a day? Insane i know but i wanna stream plus climb to really high elo, my goal is to hit diamond 1-2 or even Masters. Also thoughts on New adc updates/items? as a sivir main, i think they pretty much killed her early/mid game, while certain lane bulles are getting buffed.
  5. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    you still have that potatoe mp MF hat i made ya?
  6. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Wow they are good but will i need to get those dags 1/2? damage seems low on non crits.
  7. The "What gear should I use" thread

    On the topic of sadida items. How good is pure agi sadida and what type of sets do people run, pvp and pvm. Sorry i havent really played much since 2015-16 Back then best build was the 1.6k intel set, but i heard we got some agi spells now <3 huehuehu my shroom set sadida was indeed 300iq back in 2011.

    Then i shall welcome you to the dark side.. Join us on Henual 1.29 :D Good ol dofus 1
  9. i want to see 7 old men/women in gobball sets.


    1. Youbutsu


      I'll send you my address so you can send me a costume. Then you only need 6 more men and 6 more women. I count for both.

    2. RadioactivePoison


      'giggles like a little girl while reading'




    dofus 1.29 MASTER RACE Hasn't been touched since 2009 and is still has populated servers hue hue hue
  11. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    1 sadida and 7 str enus is life.
  12. Under The Edge

    thought i give you lots a little update. I the weed monster is unfortunately gonna take a month-long break from d-00fus i got my exams starting in two weeks so am super busy, kick me from the guild if you must cause of the lack of space, but do not worry i will be back soon... Thanks for the help during odd week playing haha :D
  13. Autohotkey dofus 1.29

    join us rev i know you want to. Come to light with us.
  14. Under The Edge

    can confirm good guild. They have the weed-monster in it.
  15. Under The Edge

    well considering that you can get a team of 8 enus with 8 chests. Turqs are quite cheap. i think its like max 20mk for an 20ch? (not 100% sure havent checked in a while) you could get a 11ch for like 3mk lol. Atleast in eratz ofcourse not sure hows the exo/egg game in henual. No exo limit and no wep limit is so darn fun. Am not rich enough on the server to get a jacked up 17ap/8mp iop, however the wep spamming is so darn fun, stacking eni/xelor ap buffs in pvm with something like a royal gob sword in a shitty dmg sadida set is so satisfying :p also i was wondering how dumb would a damage iop with range exo'd set. Considering SoJ can be range modded if your using class boots.