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  1. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    1 sadida and 7 str enus is life.
  2. Under The Edge

    thought i give you lots a little update. I the weed monster is unfortunately gonna take a month-long break from d-00fus i got my exams starting in two weeks so am super busy, kick me from the guild if you must cause of the lack of space, but do not worry i will be back soon... Thanks for the help during odd week playing haha :D
  3. Autohotkey dofus 1.29

    join us rev i know you want to. Come to light with us.
  4. Under The Edge

    can confirm good guild. They have the weed-monster in it.
  5. Under The Edge

    well considering that you can get a team of 8 enus with 8 chests. Turqs are quite cheap. i think its like max 20mk for an 20ch? (not 100% sure havent checked in a while) you could get a 11ch for like 3mk lol. Atleast in eratz ofcourse not sure hows the exo/egg game in henual. No exo limit and no wep limit is so darn fun. Am not rich enough on the server to get a jacked up 17ap/8mp iop, however the wep spamming is so darn fun, stacking eni/xelor ap buffs in pvm with something like a royal gob sword in a shitty dmg sadida set is so satisfying :p also i was wondering how dumb would a damage iop with range exo'd set. Considering SoJ can be range modded if your using class boots.
  6. Well,so,yeah

    never 4get 2009 grozilla and grasmas :P we numbo1oh Tbh i started shika from when it was released and only around 2013-14 is when the server started to die before that it was fking amazing i would spend like 10hrs a day like a crazy addict on that server. i think we had the best pvp community (Fuck you all am biased) Some of my best mates were those I viciously aggroed in -1,0 :P. (Rest in pieces, incarnam chat, 2007-2010)
  7. Under The Edge

    just trash it, your losing 2 whole dmg. u might ned that 2dmg to kill a 100hp moowolf with your last 2 ap leek pie.. n boom he lives and eats you. 2dommageses = mor dmg in pvp 1ap=?? no dmg cuz no 1ap spell??? so damage = win *also am a dirty eratz player ( i started with VPN back in the day) convince me to start fresh like a 18 yr old in henual*
  8. Well,so,yeah

    while am on impsvillage i think ill say something too XD I agree with you like 100% I quit playing dofus properly back in 2014-2015 now when I log its like a completely new game, it should be called dofus 3.0 (altho i heard thats coming out soon lol) Now if i do plan on coming back myself, theres so much to learn every class basically got a revamp xD new spells woohoo. Also, i would need to start begging in asturb zaap because as youbutsu mentioned prices for equipments and eggs have changed so much in the recent patchs that my close to 1billion item/egg stash which mind you i have been building on since 2007 is like worth 200mk now lol. Ahh turqs.. anyone else who brought 20chs would understand mah pain. Anywho i guess you should try it and see if your still into the turn based mmo, defo will feel fresh cause they did add alot of new content. ( might just join the other old retired dofus players in the 1.29 retirement homes xD)
  9. Why was 2012 so fun?

    if i had a timemachine i would go back go to 2012 and post pwnage :(/ you mak me cri now
  10. Why was 2012 so fun?

    I found myself on the darker side of youtube. Old shika dofus videos. one thing let to another and before i knew it i was sniffing on nostalgia powder. because in 2012 i wud get praised to derank a player.(orpaid)
  11. Why was 2012 so fun?

    because headhunter was good wait a minute they removed it in 2012 :/ ok why was 2011 good?
  12. Why was 2012 so fun?

    Because i had friends then
  13. Why was 2012 so fun?

    because potatoes causing worlds to end in 2012? (also i still use to play)
  14. Why was 2012 so fun?

    Oh nice one, anything else :P?
  15. League of Legends

    man i just read the daily mail article about it. i feel so sorry for Doublelift :( i cant begin to imagine what hes going through right now :( now i hope liquid smashes 100t this week.
  • Recent Status Updates

    • Wink-Wink

      Should I play Dofus again.... hmm.
      · 11 replies
    • bobeur  »  Youbutsu

      omg no forum in UtE club !
      · 2 replies
    • Bohemia

      I was thinking to make a Flash Fleatser event myself, when I noticed that the Fleaster Haven Bag had only 2 days left in Shop, but I was told that the gift feature from Shop was disabled at the time; the prizes were supposed to be P1) Fleaster Haven Bag, P2) one mimisymbic and one weapon of choice at 300 Ogrine to mimi winer's weapon, P3) a Beanie Set (cuz I am addicted to coffee ...; that could be used for merch or w.e.) and 5 packs of 10 Brief Fairyworks. Oh, well, it just couldn't be ... The good thing of that was that it would have let me buy and gift pressies across servers.
      I was told to maybe make the contest only on Echo instead, with prizes only there, since for the moment I can't buy from Shop items and gift them to other people.
      So I'll tell you what is the next plan:
      - drawing event, as it was supposed to be, with drawings made in Paint, Fleaser related, regardless if they are Dofus related too or not;
      - not sure if to have only 1 Paint Fleaster drawing per person, or 3, and from those, only the one with best score to be taken into account;
      - not sure where it is best to do it: on Dofus forums, or here on Impsvillage; or maybe have 2 sections: one on each part, and half the prizes on each part?
      - as prizes, I was thinking about 3 - 4 Ice Dt Harnesses (that one could put over their PP mounts when they do souls for lot, like I do); maybe I could add a couple of Armored Dts too;
      - as period for submitting entries, I was thinking about 2 weeks, to give more time to people to participate.
      I'd appreciate any thoughts/ ideas/ suggestions on this.
      Many thanks in advance for your time reading all this/ replaying.
      PS: I'll show you some examples of Paint Fleaster drawing that I have made in about 5 - 10 min e.a.

      · 2 replies