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  1. Not sure, but Osa looks spicy.. with no soft cap on characteristics, a potential 995 base to any element would boost those summons nicely. I hope they will do a server merger later on, as i went for Chafer with some friends ^^
  2. am on it IGN : Radioactive been in queue for like 20mins though
  3. @Khan I highly suggest go Chance sacri. from 21 you can pretty much solo Last room of gobball. And boowolfs later on at around 50-60+ Whats busted is if you can get 8ap (with buffs or an lucky gelano drop)
  4. *whispers* Why dont you play on henual with youbutsu... for some REAL rng. (lalalala 1.29 roulette)
  5. gobball before they added the dumb 4-8loot system.
  6. So if you wear only pre 2.0 items , e.g Sucker set And only Orginal dofus (No trophies) ( pets can be debateable) then you can exceed the 12/6/6 limit If you wear anything thats post 2.0 it gets capped at 12/6/6 again. So you can lets say get a sucker set+ fillers for 17ap/7mp but if you decide to change the hat to lets say a Mastagob you are capped back to 12ap.
  7. i dont i just dont have time for dofus in general anymore
  8. What if..All pre 2.0 equipment had special conditions, allowing you to surpass the current exotic limits AS LONG as all you wear is from that era? Would that make any difference in the current dofus meta game?
  9. i have a gobtubby somewhere thats a ghost with the old pre 2.0 ghost art am gonna lose him forever now
  10. Iv got a question Would IPC be more important to dofus? since in my experience dofus doesn't really care about multicore processors, just really fast ones. Also would there be performance issues because of dofus being wrote as 32bit and your running a 64bit system?
  11. just need almond dt so darn rats dont keel me when i try to xp.
  12. Oh supreme leader Do you haz any of those Almonds Dragoturkies for which you have already made love with? If so i shall offer you Weeed Kamaz for the Abused drago
  13. They keep looking even more shitter then before. In my opinion dofus 1.29 eggs > all. (Although i do love how the first dofus 2 vulbis looked like)
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