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  1. B> Dofus Wiki guides

    I mean more for good gathering spots and efficient ways of leveling (ie right now LJ at 180 is not cost efficient at all to craft for levels) Fishing, Mining etc
  2. B> Dofus Wiki guides

    The profession guides are also all out of date. Although I'm no where near experienced to touch these wikis I thought I'd mention it, in the hopes that some white knight profession God will spare his precious time to help
  3. New profession guides?

    Thanks for the info Masive. I've been trying to mine lately but I don't have access to much Silicate (no alignment) and most of the mines are always cleared :(
  4. New profession guides?

    Hi all, Old dofus player returning from many moons ago. With the new profession changes I find myself unable to find any good updated information for leveling. Ideally I'd like to get LJ / Miner up to 200 (156/101) but don't know the most effective ways. Long term goal would be most of the professions at 150+ I have Fisherman at 200, would I be better off trying to make money off that and then just buying resources to level the others? Or should I grind it out on the lower level ones to save on kamas.
  5. S> Unique Kraloves

    Hey guys, I've got two Unique Kraloves. Looking to sell them from 1.6mk - 2mk Post here if interested, or pm me ingame on either Infatuation or Jasper-Snail
  6. S> Diamond Stones

    Hey Dommo! I would most certainly like to join in on your hunts AND I will also buy the stones you find (But I'd like to keep the ones I get :P) Just add me in-game (I've already added you) Jasper-Snail or Infatuation