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  1. this was incredibly frustrating but honestly quite fun to progress at the same time. Eni didnt really do much tbh aside from kill the mvp Cra and those -fire res mobs Do u know whats more scary than QoT coming out of mist and ending 2 cells from panda, or Skemage trap taking all of your mp while you're standing in the bomb line? when this goon is incredibly close and doesn't lose a single mp (he didn't end up killing anyone though, except the iop the turn previous because we decided to sacrifice it as we weren't sure on its exact range) That probably could've worked well however our strategy had the panda towards the middle of the arena whereas the rogue was much further down, as for Vortex himself it honestly killed the rogue the 2nd turn after becoming vulnerable because the bomb combo bonus wasn't quite high enough to KO him (lost a bomb a few turns before the last mob died iirc) and we couldn't detonate the bombs either. We did have to use it to keep Eni alive for the last few turns there for the same reason and can confirm that works both for impert and to prevent his pacifist state (though that one can be unbewitched unlike the hystairs)
  2. hi its another achieve/orn that was cool in 2015 I like how hystairs swap/teleport ignores gravity state entirely, 10/10 ankama great job ankama you played us good. Vortex almost did a 3v1 right at the end and bodied us all because we couldn't explode bombs while surrounding him also had to sacrifice sram on like turn 40-something idk because im dumb and didn't give it mp the turn previous ]\ really though it was more of a panda/rogue duo with the sram cleaning up and moving stuff around
  3. its not vuvu but its something equally cool (it was cooler in 20156 though) Xerathos top carry
  4. probably better to get some bites here than trying to spam /b all day lol 1 AP 285+ / 300 Vitality 99+ / 100 Intelligence 36+ / 40 Agility 35+ / 40 Wisdom 0+ prospecting lol 8+ / 12 Heals 10 OR 15 / 15 Air Resistance 10 / 10 Fire Damage 0+ / 10 Air Damage 7% Earth Resistance 7% Water Resistance 0+ / 1 Summons 15mk if 99 int 17mk 100 air fixed res can be either 10 or 15, nothing between. price somewhat negotiable and I may accept something with lower stats depending however the int bolded stats are firm /w Tamamo /w Naganami
  5. it only required echo and IV to die but I finally have that one orn that was cool back in 2016
  6. out of the loop here but what was changed about those first three dungeons? I am aware that Klime just pacifies instead of killing and that makes it HILARIOUSLY easy now I certainly feel like with the addition of dreams and the difference in monster strength there compared to overworld monsters certainly makes previous dungeons feel trivial in comparison. Why would I feel any challenge facing freezz in her dungeon at her level 200 stats when I have beaten her at 350 with double the damage and hp, for example? Its true that dreams give a decent stat boost and the higher floors require specific comps (compared to most dungeons where you can run anything due to their difficulty) but I dont see why the dungeons themselves couldn't be toggled to scale in a similar fashion.
  7. I was about to comment "where is the avatar in this picture" but then I realised.. heros is our avatar someone should buy my ring though
  8. yes this is the only item that timeless didn't steal during goult 2016 not sure what they're actually worth these days but ive seen a few around for 15-18m. wanting to sell for 14.5 but I might consider negotiating. contactable here or ingame @ Tamamo / TheRedemptionOfAlthalus via ankalauncher
  9. I ran 2 enis, a str eca, some weird elio build and a omni hupper and I could clear everything barring the first 3 dimensions when those were current content. literally this
  10. I would ban rob because he probably laughed at me when he responded to my 110% serious application, while praising coopers and his obviously prank application when he is very clearly a foreign spy #JUSTICEFORLAOSHI i'll be back on 20/4/20, bye
  11. you're buying jets? Might I interest you in an F/A-18F fresh from the nearby airbase? turnaround time probably 6-12 weeks In the meantime may I interest you in some other jets, like the MIG17D, MIG21 and maybe a capitalist F86
  12. not at all but I lurk on imps once every 5 months
  13. @Coopers communism

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    good thing I quit like 2 years ago or this might actually be 20k+ 

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      you're not my mum you can't tell me what to do

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      my dad owns impsvillage you're literally getting banned


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      lol ur dad kukn

      ur dad gey

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