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  1. find me eithaeyr from shika ---> nihil SIC ty
  2. 14m ea or pm me ur offer IGN Uther-Idea
  3. Bumb.. If you have a different price in mind still drop. Message please
  4. Buying legendary bow prefer unmaged. im not 100% sure about the correct price but i'll make offer +55m we can talk about price if you don't like my offer. IGN: Ich-Idea / Uther-Idea
  5. Buying Vublis but im not sure about the price it should be so i'll say 100-150? if you have a different price in mind let me know IGN: Uther-Idea / Ich-Idea
  6. selling ivory dofus 56m ign : uther-idea
  7. Well, if you would leech a whole team. I can do it for you. since i've like 15 chars? they're all f2p and neutral alig.. so if it worthy, i'd sub them etc
  8. Actually it's my friend who's selling this ring, im posting in his behave because he don't have impsvillage account. however. he's looking for 35m IG : Masked-Mido. you may also contact me if he's offline. I could get him online
  9. Mine still cheaper? anyhow. it all sold.
  10. Selling 125k of nuggets 310k ea [ lower 20k than markets & anyone] IGN Uther-Idea
  11. Bump price 30-35, didn't know it goes for this much.
  12. Selling Minowang pet ..price 40-50m let me know if u have a different offer or so. IGN Uther-Idea 25mk <<
  13. I made a nearly the same stats ring but 92 chance, did the mage for 45mk
  14. AP tritun ring 1 AP 10 initi 397 vit 34 wis 9 lock 13 pshback dmg 7 % water 7 % earth 8 AP resist 19 crits dmg 33mk 30mk now ----------------------------------------------------- ringaeus 1 AP 389 vit 64 int 35 wis 2 crits 11 fire dmg 8 heals 7% earth 7% water 8 AP resist 29mk ---------------------------------- dreggon hat 194 vit/13% resist on everything. 14mk Sold. --------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. If you still looking for one, I've a good one IGN Uther-Idea
  16. buying Ivory dofus, im willing to pay 120mk in cash Ign Uther-Idea peace.
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