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  1. im having trouble staying to dofus. Wakfu is so much less pressure and im running a 3 man team on 1 account its awesome! if theres anything i need ill ask. im on Nox. and i played Feca. they seem to have NOOOO offence capability.
  2. thank you im really enjoying the game ALLOT! if there any question ill contact you. :D
  3. Hay guys. if you remember me i play Dofus...ALLOT. now im trying my hand at Wakfu. and im loving it! im useing a cra(She just to damn sexy) and now im thinking of trying a Feca. i just dont know how to build him. so can anyone give me any idea's what to put points into? im going to get the hero booster pack my team will be Cra,Feca,Eni
  4. i just moved to Wakfu. why are all male Osa gay?? is there something i need to look out for??
  5. So im changing to Agi And iwould like to build a set. Problem is... im lvl 175(Changing from intel) and i have no idea how to gear Agi even worse im poor. (700,000Kamas) is there a set i can use to help me at my level? if you all know cheap but effective gear please inform me. thanks in advance.
  6. ill still be focusing on kama making and running my hupper through easy dungeons to lvl her. other than that ill be in and outta kolo tho i think i should stay away. its THAT bad.
  7. i guess ill tag along after class in about an hour if your still on. just to be sure ill get 130kk or i pay 130kk? my miner is 200 but ores are like dirt cheap and alloys are like 10kk for 100.(at lest the one's i can make) so im looking for other work lolz! this job not paying the bills XD
  8. Atm only thing i spend Kamas on is subs. i only mined to (now 200) but ill start hunter or sumthing. your the third person who told my to start farmer so there must be something im missing. ill start after class today lets see how far i can get before this week is out XD
  9. im learning the hard way how BAAAAAAAAD i am at support Osa. maybe the role is not for me. when/if i get an orb ill try out this str build. that means ill have to find a way to make kamas to buy a hole new set
  10. Hello all!! Ok so i was bored grinding the shit outta mines because my sub will be up today. so i was like lets try Kolo just one...DAMNIT I GOT HOOKED! lolz Quickly i learned I SUCK AS A SUPPORT OSA. my team is to far, i dont have gobbals lvled, I get Jumped soon as match start. but...but..i had a great time! unlike League Of Legends(My source of PvP Fear) some players Offered advice. i even met a battle buddy. all this before class this morning. so why am i here? Well my battle buddy dont know Osa's as he admits he just know from battling countless Osa's so i come to you great people for PvP battle/support Osa tips. can you guys point me in the Right Direction?? What Gear should i wear(Im super unfunded atm) What Skills i should lvl? Im Pure intel and at Lvl 170. thx in advance guys.
  11. thank you all for your input. im ready to do this XD i can stick with this cause i like all these classes my new team will be: Osa/Ougi/Hupper/Eni :D
  12. Thats great i been trying to find a way to found my accounts now! also i only PvM cause im not that bright so ill be no good in PvP. i happen to like Cra's so i guess ill get on that. so what you think? this is what im thinking. Ougi/Hupper/Cra and need a forth? im willing to listen. what you got?
  13. Ohh i though i was doing something wrong lol. good to know thx
  14. I do. but as we know i cant just go based off whats fun cause the team may not be compatible. if thats the case i'd keep 2 Ougi's with different builds but that wont help me at end game or even 2 huppers seeing im enjoying them allot as well im going Ougi/Hupper right now but how will that fair vs Frigross 3? or the newer Dungeons?
  15. ok thats good info..thx. i think ill stick to my Ougi's i love them. i dropped my elio i keep killing my self XD the monsters like "thx time to eat" im not a bright player to begain with. so thats why. Huppermage is still fun so my 2 man may now be Ougi/Hupper XD
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