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  2. This was the kid that took Epomeo from us a few months back, we got the panda back, but he took a lot of gear off our friends pretending to be us, just watch out. Cost us a lot repaying friends, but we weren't gonna be dicks when it was our fault. Cost us just shy of 250mk x_x
  3. I'll do my best not to steal your gear, will miss you <3 sorry I haven't been on much of late, I've been having the same debarkle Life > Dofus. Don't be a stranger though, fb me and send me your number dick weed.
  4. Thanks Kaitah, it's perfect! :D
  5. If you could do something with this that would be great. For a signature preferably, I'd like if you could include my guild logo and name into the center (see my current sig) and something to do with the Bontarian alignment since both chars are aligned that way and the guild is bont. Thaaaaaanks, you're fab!
  6. Kaitah, are you still alive? D:
  7. You're finally back! :D If I catch you online over the next couple of days I'll chat you about this stuff? :) You coming back to Voice? :D
  8. Great, so we'll be seeing a lot of the biggest guilds teaming up, who are active 24/7, dominating the map. Fun, fun, fun.
  9. If you're still looking for a guild, Voice is always open to new members, we can usually make an exception for players under 100 assuming we have good cause to, and you seem lovely enough. If you're at all interested, catch me in game on my osa Element-Valkyre. We're always happy to help out members and at peak time we usually have about 23/65 members online! :)
  10. Welcome back! :D I remember doing a couple of fights occasionally with you and Advent-Child, was always fun! Not sure you'll remember me at all because I was only a diddy level back then, but welcome back none the less.
  11. Something I find irritating about this is places like Zoth Village, the materials from Zoths such as tabs or shinbones will skyrocket in price because of things like this as only one guild, likely the server's powerhouse, will ever be able to farm them and you know that guild is going to contest the village to high hell stopping anyone else from getting in to farm mats same with Dopple Territory. This alliance malarkey looks like it could lead to some dodgy markets on certain items.
  12. Yeah Nevark/Allister defo is the best way to go, since the Nevark set came out that's the way I've been pointing all the srams in my guild. This is the set I would likely use for 11/6 trophies inc: http://dofusbook.net...yre/Sram-1.html (obviously changing the base stats at your own discretion and you can exo for 12ap) Also after looking at Rev's design I guess you could use hick to allow yourself the use of shields and then change the ap/mp gelano for ap/range to give yourself 5 overall range.
  13. That or come to Shika, I liked Zato but there are a lot of big teams rather than individual players, my guild Voice on Shika is always happy to accept anybody of any level and we've had a lot of returning players from the past join us of late. Overall I would Shika or Zato would defo be best for you.
  14. Hope everyone has a good day, shame I can't be here this year, especially since I've gone almost every year in May since the first expo Ankama attended there x) I will be there in October though if anyone is about? D: NEXT MAY FOR SURE!
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