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  1. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    I remember when cras had 1-3 range linear spells (hitting harder then most of ranged spells) for those occasions when ppl tried to lock you.
  2. Low level items to have their recipes modified

    2 weeks late for this ankama, but oh well i guess new players and those lvling professions will appreciate it.
  3. Exactly, but they said service will be available for several weeks...so it's ok i guess.
  4. [POLL] Which mono-account server will you play on?

    Sweet ankama announced free server transfer in short future, so i guess i'm starting on Nevark as it's less populated. If someone going start there hit me up, IGN.: Imyourdoom
  5. Yea, if only Ankama had guts and said for sure that servers will merge in recent future, but no they just add a bunch of server and say that "IF" server population allow it they'll merge.
  6. Tell me your ideas for Dofus in 2018

    Yes they're changing orb so you can restat anytime in a period of 30 days. But the main problem for me haven't changed, you can't change your stats in pre-battle.
  7. Probably will give it a try. Imyourdoom - Xelor or some other lacking class, not a clue what element as well. Prof.: lumber or fish first.
  8. Rosal Dimensional Portal Positions

    Eca Dimension. [20:48] Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-51,22]. [20:48] Current combat modifier: Elemental Roulette
  9. Rosal Dimensional Portal Positions

    [16:01] Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-58,4]. SRAMBAD Edit with new modifier. [19:48] New combat modifier: Cyclic Power
  10. BETA 2.33

    Omg, that bow, finally something i can replace guten tak with.