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  1. Bochi

    Buying AP Ilyzaelle Shield

    Bump. Still looking.
  2. 145-150 vitality, 6-10 mp loss resistance, 10% water resistance, and 15% melee damage. Looking to pay 25mk.
  3. I learned recently that you stopped using discord account so I wonder what you been up to besides updating the game's wiki? Are you sure everything's ok?

  4. Hey Bochi it's Saif here, how are you? 😁

    1. Whale who buys lootboxes

      Whale who buys lootboxes

      go back to cheating in cs seif

    2. Saiftey


      I am not that Saif, I am a different one. The one you are referring to is probably "Ultimate-sensation", that's not me.

      I hate that I have to make this distinction all the time because that kid has a bad rep..

  5. Bochi

    Why was 2012 so fun?

    Because there was more meaning when people respected each other more and no spell variants made things less confusing and imbalanced. Having multiple international servers like rushu, rosal, solar, shika and zatoishwan gave people the freedom of preference on what type of environment, progression, and population as well. The value of everything in game had way more worth too. Also hoped that Goultarminator event kept going so it gave people a reason to represent their server. The more years that pass by for the game; innocence, virtues, and first impression appeal keeps slipping away.
  6. Bochi

    Help On Djim Idol

    Monsters are invulnerable as long as they do not move. Push back damages make them gain 200% damage. When you equip this idol in a fight, does the monster get super smart when their hp is 50% or lower? Or does it not matter? Will they keep moving as long they have movement points?
  7. Bochi

    Post your goals and achievements

    Really happy to say that I finally reached level 200 on mono server. Thank you to everyone that helped me on this journey.
  8. The reason made an new English speaking guild because I want something smaller in terms of size but still works out as a whole. I want the theme to be casual in a way. The maximum member capacity at best would be 50 members for now then see what happens from there. If you are interested on joining, feel free to post here or message me through my in game name Magic. Thank you.
  9. I'm not slandering the guild. What I meant is it is too early to say it is the best.
  10. I'm pretty sure it will turn out strong but what about other notable guilds like Platinum,deja Vu, Nihil, echo's finest killers? If they were to remake plus play I suppose.
  11. Just realize you posted on here too after looking on the official. I feel that this time around seems very sudden and unexpected, but that's life right? I was thinking you were going to stay slightly longer to get a feel of Ilyzaelle server but hopefully eventually you will as I'm sure you will return in a matter of time. The irony is I left the game as well for 3 months starting from June thinking I would never return as I was truly unhappy with the way people were treating one another, too many scammers and cheaters on the loose left unpunished, and the list goes on. Ilyzaelle server was like the dream I been dreaming about for nearly 10 years. I always wanted it to become a reality, as it has a lot of the right tools to make the game head in the right direction I think you would probably enjoy it, maybe even shed a tear or two with the nostalgia. Sometimes, I have a very difficult time reading your mind, but I know deep in your heart you want to aim to be the best in 5 v 5 group pvp while playing a significant role in AvA politics/prisms. To be noticed not having a ton of kamas and gear but by having incredible amounts of determination to work hard in your eniripsa class and pure skill through experience whether it be a hard loss or easy win. It is quite admirable and it teaches others to believe in yourself and give it your all no matter what asshole try to bring you down with action or words. I will always love you as a person even though we never met outside of game. Keep it real and bless you.
  12. Bochi

    Shadow server

    Why not wait for Ilyzaelle?
  13. Yes, for about a month now but still on the forums here and there. Might return in the future but yeah hweh. I felt that it was important to highlight some things about TA current direction that made me want to voice my opinion about it.