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  1. Hey Bochi it's Saif here, how are you? 😁

    1. Whale who buys lootboxes

      Whale who buys lootboxes

      go back to cheating in cs seif

    2. Saiftey


      I am not that Saif, I am a different one. The one you are referring to is probably "Ultimate-sensation", that's not me.

      I hate that I have to make this distinction all the time because that kid has a bad rep..

  2. Bochi

    Why was 2012 so fun?

    Because there was more meaning when people respected each other more and no spell variants made things less confusing and imbalanced. Having multiple international servers like rushu, rosal, solar, shika and zatoishwan gave people the freedom of preference on what type of environment, progression, and population as well. The value of everything in game had way more worth too. Also hoped that Goultarminator event kept going so it gave people a reason to represent their server. The more years that pass by for the game; innocence, virtues, and first impression appeal keeps slipping away.
  3. Bochi

    Help On Djim Idol

    Monsters are invulnerable as long as they do not move. Push back damages make them gain 200% damage. When you equip this idol in a fight, does the monster get super smart when their hp is 50% or lower? Or does it not matter? Will they keep moving as long they have movement points?
  4. Bochi

    Post your goals and achievements

    Really happy to say that I finally reached level 200 on mono server. Thank you to everyone that helped me on this journey.
  5. The reason made an new English speaking guild because I want something smaller in terms of size but still works out as a whole. I want the theme to be casual in a way. The maximum member capacity at best would be 50 members for now then see what happens from there. If you are interested on joining, feel free to post here or message me through my in game name Magic. Thank you.
  6. I'm not slandering the guild. What I meant is it is too early to say it is the best.
  7. I'm pretty sure it will turn out strong but what about other notable guilds like Platinum,deja Vu, Nihil, echo's finest killers? If they were to remake plus play I suppose.
  8. Just realize you posted on here too after looking on the official. I feel that this time around seems very sudden and unexpected, but that's life right? I was thinking you were going to stay slightly longer to get a feel of Ilyzaelle server but hopefully eventually you will as I'm sure you will return in a matter of time. The irony is I left the game as well for 3 months starting from June thinking I would never return as I was truly unhappy with the way people were treating one another, too many scammers and cheaters on the loose left unpunished, and the list goes on. Ilyzaelle server was like the dream I been dreaming about for nearly 10 years. I always wanted it to become a reality, as it has a lot of the right tools to make the game head in the right direction I think you would probably enjoy it, maybe even shed a tear or two with the nostalgia. Sometimes, I have a very difficult time reading your mind, but I know deep in your heart you want to aim to be the best in 5 v 5 group pvp while playing a significant role in AvA politics/prisms. To be noticed not having a ton of kamas and gear but by having incredible amounts of determination to work hard in your eniripsa class and pure skill through experience whether it be a hard loss or easy win. It is quite admirable and it teaches others to believe in yourself and give it your all no matter what asshole try to bring you down with action or words. I will always love you as a person even though we never met outside of game. Keep it real and bless you.
  9. Bochi

    Shadow server

    Why not wait for Ilyzaelle?
  10. Yes, for about a month now but still on the forums here and there. Might return in the future but yeah hweh. I felt that it was important to highlight some things about TA current direction that made me want to voice my opinion about it.
  11. "But thing is. I understand something not many on Dofus don't. And that's why TA will get big once again in a way you can't imagine just yet." Would you be able to explain what you mean by both statements? "Major love to you Bochi your clearly a smart guy with alot of passion for TA. So your always welcome back, the old members are still around, less so because of life but its still fun!" Thank you, I appreciate it. I am passionate about this subject because I seen how the guild effected nearly the entire server whether it was jealousy of how successful it became, hatred for failing to becoming a member, or love for making it in after many days, months, or even years.
  12. Hyun-Ae, why are you doing this to it? A guild that was well known with prestige but now you let anyone join because the member count is very low at the moment? Remember when people had to write a solid application while waiting for a week or even longer just to gain all the members feedback about who they might be as a person in game or if their merits matches their word? Team America may not had the most friendly players but they made it into a well structured guild. Every new member that made it past the application process would have to wait on trial for a whole month to see if they deserve to become a full member. You get more quality members if people respect the rules, the new potential member puts in the effort knowing they get to be a part of something special, and eventually you get the best players to represent the base. That's how TA got its reputation on solar with all these aspects. Eomer, Sugar-Stoned, Itzmewtwo, Noob, and maybe a few others were leaders of it throughout the guild's era with the help of a core council who helped keep things together when they were too busy with something. Then there were goultarminator players like Maxxi, Pkerby, Locy, Amin-Haru, Mad, Wise-Archer, Skeen, plus a few others that came from TA. It was a guild filled with many legends with a right organization process to keep things in order. Why not rebuild it to the same standards so TA is able to experience the same glory it once had? Now that you're leader of it, I know that you're able to do what you wish with the guild, but still. If you want to respect all the people that were a part of it throughout the years including all their hard work, reverse everything what you are doing with it now :(
  13. Bochi

    Anyone playing on Ombre?

    There are a few english guilds. Mystery of Honor which is probably the best option right now or Crowns.
  14. I haven't been on for the past 7 days in game so far. This is a rare thing for me because I eventually always try to figure out a new way to enjoy the game. I used to be truly happy while feeling on top of the world, but recently, I began to ask myself, "Why am I unhappy? What is causing me to feel this way?" I have 4 level 200s, average gear, and decent amount of kamas for a casual gamer. For many years, I thought that having all of that would make me smile with joy but it seemed to fade away in time. I always felt that I had to have more, more, and more then promised myself I would be satisfied when I got to that goal. It is always great to set goals to achieve them, but I felt that the game lost that sense of raw emotions, community, and mutual respect we should have towards one another no matter who we are or what we own because we're all humans that make mistakes as a learning process but it is also a mysterious journey. What happened to wanting to help someone out of kindness just to make someone's day instead of demanding payment when you know that you already know that you have a lot? I know that we all have to make kamas to get what we want to buy in game but once in a while, it never hurts to take that one further leap to help a fellow man or woman reach his or her goal. What happened to good sportsmanship in a perceptor, prism, kolossium, alignment, or challenge fight? It is really simple with minimal effort needed. In the beginning of the fight, just say: "Good luck guys and have fun." When a fight is about to be over, just say: "Good game. well played." or "That fight was quite intense but enjoyable, I hope you felt the same way regardless who wins or loses." When you're trying to ask questions to someone you just met or even known for someone at times about how to be a better player in game or what's the right way to go at this approach; for some reason, you are immediately viewed as a weakness or a noob. Isn't asking questions the best way to learn while working at it? Why are players so hostile to questions they know may be helpful for that person? I also noticed that a lot of people in game love trashtalking others to further improve their ego or feeling like they are the best but no one else is allowed to be the best like them. It happens more often in the small groups or cliques on a map especially. Whats wrong with having equal competition? That makes you want to find ways to improve your gameplay even more. Your actions should almost always speak louder than words for the most part. At times, I wished that alliances were never a part of the game. The reason for this is the amount of ridiculous politics and drama associated with it. The only things that were truly worth it was the ability to talk to more people or the ability to teleport slightly easier with more ease but that's about it in terms of importance. When all guilds stood on their own, it gave it more meaning, purpose, an inner beauty to it. On Rushu, Blank made a lot of history with Rambo being first 200, Youbutsu being able to get 100 or more online at same time, plus im sure there are many other things I'm missing but you get what I mean. A lot of people wanted to join that guild, but got rejected probably for the right reasons for the most part. This gave people motivation to be the best they were able to be with a great heart but with also awesome merits to have the opportunity to join something with a powerful purpose. Now in 2017, it is just oh I see... Your guild is level 200, so is 25 others. You'll just see people recruiting members just to be at 240 members again while only looking for their level to be matching the appropriate requirement only! Unbelievable right? Also with the introduction of alliances, you get more bias players joining for the wrong reasons. For example, when Echo server began with dynasty having about 1000 members that consisted mainly of former Rushu players. All territories were green like the grassy plains of Otomai meaning you were able to capture it as long you had a prism with you. The alliance got some amazing territories in Frigost plus other areas in the game. Before you know it, 5500 people are in it within a short time frame. You think they joined for the hell of it or for the prisms teleportations? Let's be honest. Anyways, what it should have been is joining because you know youre able to make a big difference in it by helping out in 5 v 5 defense or making it a more helpful community but not shouting your requests repeatedly until people get angry. Thank You List: From Solar: Linnaeus: For always asking how I was feeling or what I was doing. Flower-Agi: For being super super cheerful all the time no matter the situation. Always lit up the chat room. Even made a youtube video about me for my birthday. Aikaii: For alowing me to tease you about your baseball hobby while being very laidback. Jefe/Champion: For giving me resources, runes, plus other things without having to pay. Allowing me to be second in command of your guild Warriors. Noob: For being a kind sadida in the guild Team America and allowing me to be part of it for a short period of time. Jeffreysuper: For not judging me when I was in a Gobball set when we hunted together many years ago in cania plains. Alan-Mohammad: For changing from a terrible to a good person in the end after meeting 4 years later again in game after scamming me but offer to pay full amount for the loss with a sincere apology. Arcmania: For playing kolossium with me nearly all the time many years ago when I was in royal masto set as an enutrof. The ghostly shovel on 1/2 or higher takes all your buffs away at the time. Green-Goblen: For keeping me in good company while leading divided we fall. Tazz/Marius-Ro: For always leaving an open door for me to join the guild Rebellion whenever I wanted to. Itzmewtwo: For always organizing solar's goultarminator for many years in game plus on imps village. Ferish: For being one of the best iops on the server while inspiring many with her feats. Sweetkraz: For helping me out when I needed a craft or a great mage on an item. At the tough times when no one wanted to help me. Sansona: For answering my tough questions when I needed an answer. Nesrin: For being a kind hearted woman. Allowing me to easily be myself. Dolphin-Terminator: For being an easy person to talk to. Dheya-Chan: For being my in game wife while talking about things I never would've imagined. Ravelmaster and Nodirus: For helping me level at kanigloos when frigost was still fairly new. Greenwizard: For looking up to me when there were way more better players than me. Spirits-Revenge: For being always bringing a light joking vibe. Kiszmet and Mudduck. Leyline and Arweena: For being all equally kind-hearted in game couples. Moike: For making one of the best server quitting giveaways ever. Organizing a costume contest, group scavenger hunt, and few others that made a lot of people genuinely happy that day. Luxie:-For sharing your real life situations while being an amazing sacrier at the time. Aciez: For making me want to make a Foggernaut after you played it. Oneohone: For always putting up with my forgotten memory jokes. Locy: For being a powerful sadida for Goultarminator for many years. Very serious but also interesting to talk to. Deejavus: For being one of the best international server magus of all times. Inspiring me to level my maguses to see what the fuss was all about. Mochio: For being a great brother. Giving me free services of many types. What more to say? :p From Zatoishwan: Lifeinmyarrow: For being a good friend to me. Swanny: For taking an extra mile to make sure I was in good hands. Persona: For representing in Goultarminator many years ago when we had very few masqs on the server at the time and needed desperately. Tulup: For leveling me in Bonta Rat sewers in white rat set while many years later inviting me to be apart of many of the guilds created with many interesting conversations lol. Linegue: For allowing me to be in one of the server top guilds at the time. The name being Corruption. Asians-Summon: For being there for me when thing were great or terrible at times. Also having the same asian nationality as myself which is rare in the game. Oreoblizzard: For letting me be a part of the guild Strawhats. Was an amazing time to be apart of it. Deceit: For enjoying my company. Yess: For being a very kind woman. Airandi: For having a great time with me even though his English was tough to understand. He was still very enthusiastic. Mini-Plizi: For having a great time with me even though her English was tough to understand. She was very upbeat. Dean: For giving me 10 million kamas after i level his alt from 120 to 180. Huge leap of faith for waiting for payment after finishing it many years ago. Tells-Best: For being a good friend to me. Harry: For helping me duo leech people at mastogobs with ancestral set. The era when the monsters would not run away from you but stay near you at all times when you have high agility. Devils-Guardian: For enjoy each other company many years ago. Splif: For giving me a chance to join Profus when I pretended to be a level 5 foggernaut but later joining with main when the server was super dead many years later. Nub-Cakez: For helping many people out that needed it. Nixie: For making a powerful legacy to newcomers plus oldcomers. Aleena and Whaddafeck: For making a lot of server and guild events making many people feel a true sense of community. Kochavi: For offering me to join Dusk or Corruption numerous times while allowing me to join Valor alliance many years later. Im-Nick: For helping me out with leeching people in frigost. Novan-Flor: For being a funny guy and a good friend. Froggy-Princess: For making lot of inappropriate jokes but making me laugh openly at the same time. Big-Boi: For being a quirky individual. Sasori: For being a talkative friend while keeping me on my toes. Hidden-Bow: For saying hi when I wasn't seeing it coming. Jealocks: For always sharing his in game plans of what he was going to do while being entertaining in that aspect. Kyumari: For stopping by to say hi or always asking to give my gear away on beta. It was some interesting times for sure. June: For always wanting to help other players. Beckydee: For laughing or enjoying my conversations. Chazzler: For having a positive personality, great to hang out with. Sleeping-Whip: For being my fantasy godmother and taking care of my old guild Guardian Legacy name changed to Utopia. Spoggy and Kung-Fury: For being a very friendly power couple. Wish them nothing but the best in their relationship. From Rushu: Gnight: For allowing me to be a part of the guild Instant. Strife-Zero: For having funny talks on skype with few of your closest Revolution members. Inspired me to make all my characters have the same colors as Revolution. Defuse: For making me in awe with your Rogue bomb wall plays. Was always fun seeing you pvp with it. The irony is we first talked on Ombre before talking on Rushu later on. Youbutsu: For making people so inspired and happy with having 1st level 200 guild on Rushu while making a big name for it with the environment plus people like Rambo. Astrology: For being one of the most dominant fecas In 5 v 5 group fights I ever seen in the past few months. Frightening but equally enjoyable the see the armor timing with genius truce timing to reapply armors again in the right moments. The ap/gravity glyph strategy was a nightmare. Uthman: For always seeing some type of great potential in me. Always enjoyed the many different sides to you. The serious, the joker, the life of the party, spirituality in what you believe, ultra competitive and many more. Anjulica: For putting in a lot of passionate effort to make Integrity what it is now today. Lot of events that probably made lot of people days. but also a lot of interesting controversy. Only wish was that the guild application to Integrity was more faster but also bit easier. Frostheart: For being a good friend, enjoying my troll jokes, having fun pvming or pvping. Liinlie: For being an interesting calm French woman. Ben-Krankin: For allowing be to be apart of Ten Inches but saw me as a unique person. -Nota-: For beng one of the friendliest people I ever met when beginning the game as a new player. Timeless: For making insane xelor plays that made many people say wow. From Oto Mustam (Heroic) : Mag: For being the 1st level 200 english player on the server. Inspiration to many english players. Crunchiie: For allowing me to be apart of Conspiracy Theory. One of the best English guilds ever on the server for long time. Sturridge: For taking the time to know and trust me when there were a lot of backstabbers on the server. Ignore: For allowing me to hunt with your big team in aggro zone areas risking tons of levels plus gear. Huge leap of faith. Charlie-Sheen: For always being happy to see me while making sure I wasn't doing too many stupid things. Jake: For helping me learn a lot about the server while training me under your wing. One of the best bonds I ever made on that server. Ironaxeman: For leading Murder InC. Lot of amazing english players in that era while equally being one of the best English guilds early on in the server until Conspiracy Theory. Benevolent-Sea: For letting me join your english guild when there was lot of drama happening in others at the time. Tapered-Soul: For being a super chill guy while always having a great time with me. Faruz-Lyte: For being a very friendly english guy. Hardcore-Heaven: For helping me in Brakmar dungeon runs. From Ombre (Shadow) : Robert: For being one of my real first friends on the server. Moonagi: For allowing me to be apart of the 1st english guild on the server. The Moon Brigade. Board: For being my leveling buddy and talking to me while keeping me busy. Dismak: For helping me at level 20 to be level 200 in time. My goal to having a 200 on a special evolving server thanks to you. Feint: For helping me through rough fights to fight another day alive. Life: For talking about your in real life relationship of your girlfriend very often kept it entertaining. Also with all the goals you want to get on the server. Polymath: For helping other english players by being a guild owner for a while. Datura: By allowing me to be in a powerful French alliance even though we were the only english guild. Lynnear: For being the best French level 200 foggernaut on the server while being very helpful to me while also speaking English fluently. To whoever I forgot, thank you as well for being apart of my journey. Always stay true to yourself.
  15. I went to Astrub zaap hoping I see a lot of people or even just few english players but there are absolutely none :(. Where do most of them go what is the best way to find them other than spamming recruit a million times? :p

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