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  1. From Veritas Aequitas, to Skyline, and now Heavenly Knights. The theme goes all together. The 3rd requirement will be the most difficult to achieve. Is MAG an English alliance or an international one?
  2. What about Boune server? Has more active players and English speakers unless you prefer to multi-account. I'm curious what it would've been like if Youbutsu made an Under the Edge guild mono-account version on Boune server. I can imagine the difficulty of leaving Eratz/Henual when you have loads of stuff already and effort over the period of time.
  3. On Boune or Crail? If it's the 1st option, there's some English guilds on there like Hopeless, Nova, Reign, Atlantis, and few more out there.
  4. He hasn't logged on imps since about 8 years ago so he probably stopped looking for one. The problem with private servers are how they can be skewed in ridiculous amounts of exp multipliers and higher. 12x or even 32x which is a fast-forward button. There's also the risk of going on malicious ones where they can take your logs from those private servers and apply it elsewhere whether it's on the current retro or 2.0 servers.
  5. From what I've heard so far, the majority of the English community are probably on server 5. It's a good idea to register on the later servers since our community is slower to receive the news and register instantly. I'm sure it's a matter of time before Juse creates a detailed organized post of who will be playing on the 5th edition of Temporis. The discord is a good hub to have. My suggestions are to make server category lists on the right side showing people online so everyone has a better idea of who is going where server number wise. You can also create roles where they can react to their
  6. I forgot about April Fools existing. I enjoy watching pranks more than it happening to me since I have a poor sense of humor even when I try not to. "Why does the chicken cross the road?" almost everyone heard of this joke, even though the day is more about pranking others unexpecting. I'm subbed to a lot of random prank channels on youtube and it's almost having April Fools everyday in a sense. You sometimes ask yourself: "How do they manage to take it to this extreme and get away with it? How do they react to it when the other person doesn't take it too well?" It's unfortunate that most of t
  7. Could you add some more context Youb? If you're still playing on Eratz/Henual, then everything is probably still the same no?
  8. Just like Wesmaster's recent post, I've also decided to make a youtube channel. If you decide to visit my channel, be warned of poor audio and video quality on my videos since I'm navigating the platform with zero knowledge. If you ever have any beginner user friendly tips for me regarding topic ideas, editing especially since that's my weakness, and any other extra input, feel free to let me know here. Make sure to support other Dofus english youtubers you come across (New or Old) because you never know if they decide to come back and play or restart up their channels. Supporting or viewing c
  9. I know it is a lot to read and needed to get all my thoughts out there haha. If I leave a missing part out, then it is hard to get a clearer picture. Maybe one day we'll meet on Ily again.
  10. Where to start? I'll tell you a little bit about myself and the server. I've played starting from the opening day of the server 2020 February 25th. The server would reach at its highest peak 2-3 months in at about 10,000 to 12,000 characters according to the alliance fellow pages. It was overwhelming for most since it became difficult to move around freely without having to worry about every single step you take. Fast forward another few months into the summer and that number became approximately 500 to 700 characters. It was an unexpected downward spiral that hit the server hard. There were s
  11. Friends and Players Iconic to Me: Zatoishwan: Cra: Lifeinmyarrow - He is on the server's iconic list, but as for me, I found that he was more than just a 1 v 1 Amakna Village PvPer. I don't remember what we talked about in most of our conversations, but it always ended on a high note. I do know that he still saw me as a somebody even when he was far more accomplished. I found appreciation in that. Even though we eventually lost touch, I knew that he was going to be a name I couldn't forget easily. Fun fact. I ended up using his character name for my cra on Mono Retro se
  12. Zatoishwan Iconic Players: Cra: Aleena - Co-led Avarice with her lover Whaddafeck and took event organizing seriously whether it was races, trool fair costumes, scavenger hunts, etc. Winterheart - Leader of the 1st level 200 guild Noblesse Oblige. He talks in a unique dialogue and always based his motto on the community and the people. Lifeinmyarrow - One of the best 1 v 1 cras from the early to the middle era. He specifically showed
  13. Thanatena Iconic Players: Cra: Drolex-Metier - One of the greatest of French rivalries in AvA against Katsu. Large scale wars resulting in hundreds of people attacking each other in Infinite Dreams and prisms that became weakened. Specifically the power of controlling Drills and Carriers. Brdy (Handwerkerin) - German player with one of the highest level teams quickly early on in the server in the most dangerous time. Ecaflip: All-In - A Canadian player who would manage a lot of the Astrub Inn events and middleman to solve rising problems between two separate
  14. Oto Mustam Iconic Players: Cra: Hardcore-Heaven - Would run BR for a lot of the English community. Eventually became dominant member in In Memory Of after Murder InC early days. Austin - Jake's younger brother. He would lead a secondary English guild during Murder InC prime. It was more laidback, but still had a reputation. Tiwi - A well known Canadian English/French speaker. Always used cra in many different endeavors and would be at the center of attention on the server whether it was in a positive or negative light. Faruz-Lyte - Well known Eng
  15. Bochi

    Ask a Mage

    Is there any other maging places besides brakmar, bonta, huppermage temple, and arakhai forest? I think Koalak house for 50m got disabled.
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