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  1. The downfall of mankind is greed while trust is hard to gain and keep these days. Good luck on the new inspired Rosal guild.
  2. Anyone know any good translator sites that do a good job from english to french or french to english? No google translate allowed.
  3. Artificer, lumberjack, miner, and alchemist because idols will still be required to be crafted but trophies and shields will be gear drops. Idols are considered in resource market nowadays so that's probably why they didnt add it to the rest of the gear even though you're able to equip it. Maging maybe if you want to have slightly better stats than normal but in 9 weeks I don't think it really matters especially when you can't take it back to your regular home this time around which is kind of very unfortunate. The real funny thing is alliagems and guildlogems are droppable from level 20 to 100 monsters which is technically a resource. They probably know that people will be abusing high level areas super early anyways so they rather keep it a little more delayed than usual. I also forgot to add that everyone misewell share any extra gear pieces they already have to english players that may need it to complete their set cause sharing and caring plus what's the point of hoarding all the gear when all you get is the exp genie pot and cosmetic rewards at the end?
  4. This is going to be a bit random but I just wanted to show the nicknames according to my friend list. I also don't like the way the new friends list works where you add them and they add you but the next day for some reason it vanishes like it never happened and you have to add each other again. If you /whois the person that is clearly online it shows them offline no matter what you do. If you add them but they don't have you added back also it shows them technically as a friend but if the other person didnt add you back then it technically isn't a friend because it would show their location, level, and achievements. Why can't friends also be just unlimited? I mean if it is an mmorpg you are meant to make a lot of contact and have plenty of friends but the limit thing is just silly. Temporis 1: Temporis 2: Temporis 3: Temporis 3 is almost filled up as well and Temporis 4 just opened xD.
  5. Yeah, always happens because I look at the newsfeed late xD. I don't think I will be going elio again even though it is tempting to be. I guess you will be going ouginak again
  6. Temp 1 and 2 were full so I will be playing on Temp 3. If any of you know any english players that will be on there, please leave me a message in my imps village inbox and I will also continue to look on the list. Thanks.
  7. Don't forget the -HP as well, that was a good prank on thinking you would lose a lot of vitality.
  8. He was once a player on Solar when the international servers weren't merged and there were talks or rumors you could say of him scamming someone. I didn't know whether they were true or not obviously because I wasn't there to witness it but can be sort of suspicious in a way. For a while, he is already pretty good at pvp and has lot of nice gear on so I don't see why he would have to resort to stealing especially to that amount. I'm sorry that this happened to you Ani which I know won't change what happened but let's hope that enough concrete evidence of scamming can be shown to Ankama support somehow and be possibly sanctioned. The only slight problem is if you gave him logs to an account at one point, I don't think Ankama would be willing to punish the guy's behavior unless he managed to get through your account without giving him any information to access in the beginning. I guess you don't know the outcome until you try right? Nevertheless, spread the word about this man I suppose to prevent others from losing a lot or everything.
  9. Bochi

    Ladies, I'm single

    I guess this will remain a hidden mystery. Sadly, people are not allowed to tell their friends that they are a dofus mod unless you mean imps village mod then hen by all means share the news to the world.
  10. Bochi

    Ladies, I'm single

    I mean yeah most definitely but I would be a little nervous if the person I liked romantically ended up being the same gender as me xD.
  11. Bochi

    Ladies, I'm single

    How do you know who's truly a woman though? o.o
  12. In both aspects, I've noticed that my damage is kinda below average because it is a support class or I'm not gearing it properly. The issue I have is I want it to heal decent in team games but at the same time do decent damage in either scenario with good resistances. What shields are the most optimal for either situation and what to go about it? There is also this dilemma nowadays where in team games your ally gets blitzed or erosion hard so that your heals are pretty much pointless cause the ally is either dead or just cant replace the missing hp which then means you want to do some decent damage. I also noticed that most enemies will try to block your line of sight so you can't heal that ally especially in crucial moments where its hp is the point of death and you have to word of recovery but you just can't do it. Then you have galvanizing word which seems really nice in team games but the spell costs 5 ap to use which is very expensive and not being able to use revitalizing word also brings up some question marks. If I'm caught in a bad situation where I can't really get in line of sight, I can use that spell and it would be game changer I imagine. I also noticed that most int enis use corrupted bow is that still the way to go or are there also other alternatives that I'm not aware of? Stalak shield seems nice but doesn't give the necessary heals you want. Four leaf just boost damages but doesn't give much side stats like critical resistance or more dodge from stalak. Cycloid seems to be really nice but then you look at the negative melee resistance and go no thanks, same goes for bivalve.
  13. That's an impressive shield having perfect power and range damage. Did you use orbs by luck, fix a little, and then apply ap or something else? Also, did you actually sell it for 60m?
  14. Bochi

    Ladies, I'm single

    Good luck finding some ladies on here xD. I'm pretty sure there aren't many around on here and well Sunbathe doesn't post anymore.
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