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  1. Rest in peace. Im so sorry to hear this! I will hope I can join the meetup! Will do my best
  2. Achievement: Not renewing Subcription xD Cheers! :D Love you all still.
  3. Duo Screen :D I prefer it organized
  4. I'm a happy person. I never really rooted for these servers. But honesty... once I opened it and heard the music. The spells and everything else, I remember why I fell in love with this game again. Its a legend.
  5. This is my life now. :P Meet Mizzy and Heidel my own kittens, that likes to sleep on my lap when im gaming.
  6. Awesome plays. Very nice to look at. But I always enjoyed watching good rogues, great players often. keep it up! :D
  7. Dutch and English. I can understand quite some German words, but speaking is kinda low. Would love to learn more languages, but im too lazy and busy playing games. xD
  8. Lots of goodluck to you! Im sure you will be missed. Stay in contact with your friends though! <3
  9. Even for me too expensive. Not worth it.
  10. pls draw mah Sacrier Pokii :3 I lover your cute drawings. (And I need more for my collection of love)
  11. I dont like the map graphics at all o.O the interface is nice though
  12. In the games that you can report people bots or for other things you have to active it beforehand most of time. Which we could use here aswell. Things you can add to the function: Some security you need to have active before you can report. Gain (loyalty) tokens and use that to report people. Get punished when you abuse the function Limit on how many times you can report.. Though knowing this community I'm not so sure if it will helps us. Many people are salty in this games,have a bad behaviorr. So we could lose a lot peoplee and make a better community. Or we dont get the function, keep a higher community and just ignore these people. Better community would help the new players though.
  13. Large audience I would say no. Since large would be around 100 viewers which you won't be getting when streaming Dofus. Only a few French Streamers can pull this off. You have to work really hard to get some viewer base. Start using twitter and tweet every stream to Dofus_EN. Get into the Discord Channel for Dofus and promote. Stream daily to get people to known you. As Ultimate said Alpha grew really quick as she did the right things. She used a lot of social media. Instagram, twitter, giveaways. She talked a lot with the viewers, did few other games aswell. And is just a very open person in general. Personality is very important on Streaming, doesnt matter which game, but I feel for Dofus you need to do even harder. Since Dofus is just rather boring to watch. You need to do something special..unique to let people stay and watch you. Goult is nice to stream but after that your viewerbase will drop insane and it sucks, I personally didnt liked it. People followed you at that time and never came back. Its like a fake confidence boost. But in general its pretty hard in my opinion to get your name out there for Dofus since there are already quite soem good streamers. And viewers wont move to another streamer easily, for sure if they are active. All these streamers can help you though, with question etc. So tldr: Its hard to get a big audience and make it viable.
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