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  1. hey pku,

    could u contact me regarding ur snowbound manor? 

    im willing to pay the price to get vulbis,

    Jimi-S ingame

    or kipkoe33@gmail.com


    thanks, Jimi

    1. Whale who buys lootboxes

      Whale who buys lootboxes

      nice leak more details pls

    2. jimi290


      just need to get in contact with pkuboat, thats all..

  2. Recreate the error and hit F12 to open dev window and click on the console tab. Show that screenshot. Working fine for me now.
  3. Yeah let's spend a week tagging 1.29 only items for the 12 people that still play it.
  4. You aren't entitled to anything, regardless if you are a customer. Unfortunately for the guy answering your tickets, he doesn't get to choose not to help you. Pissing him/her off is not going resolve your issue any faster. I see my fair share of tech support tickets at my job and ones like yours sit for a good while after each response like the ones you've linked. Grow up, be civil, and work with the people that can help you get your issue resolved instead of flaming them and suggesting sideways impossible solutions to issues you made up in the first place.
  5. Oh yeah Zrednic and the omni enu team. Never knew him but it was fun to watch him build his team and try to AP mage everything. Sad that he quit when they made enu chest 1 per fight.
  6. Have you ever hung around a smoker and listened to all the noise they make because they have constant congestion? It's like they always have a head cold. Coughing, sniffling, clearing their throat. I hang out with a bunch of smokers and the day after a late night they are like a noise factory. I know how uncomfortable it is because I get some of the same effects just from the second hand smoke, like minor sinus aggravation and shit running down the back of my throat causing me to want to clear my throat. During football season we would watch Monday and Thursday night games together and the next day I felt like I smoked a cigarette or two. I've cut back hanging out with them in the evenings unless we go out somewhere where they don't smoke inside. I don't like breathing the smoke, and worst of all is the smell. We all hang out at my neighbor's place and he has a room where they smoke inside most days unless there are a lot of people over. I have designated clothes that I wear over there because I don't want my normal clothes to smell like shit. I have to take a shower afterwards so my bed/pillows/furniture don't start smelling like smoke. Maybe I'm a little sensitive :D
  7. I got a grawn once from regular fishing. All the rest were from protectors.
  8. Pkuboat

    Day 1

    When's the release date? Can't find one anywhere.
  9. Getting that ochre is gonna be tough.
  10. Now there's a name I haven't seen in a while.
  11. I've taken it 5 or 6 times in the last 10 years. Always INTJ.
  12. That one SOVIET tribute guild where everyone was red and yellow and had names like SOVITAR.
  13. Would have been nice to implement two queues for kolo. One for random only and one for parties of 2 or more. Hopefully they can do something like that for the interserver kolo.
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