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  1. How do I get to zoth village? I've been trying to get there for over half an hour and can't find it. I know I must be alighned with its terratory... just can't find the damned place xD. also, wiki says where zoth village is, but after going to the pos, I realized I was on the wrong level. If anyone can explain how to get there, it would be much appreciated.
  2. Class: Panda Level 193 Build: Pure Strength, 101 scrolled in agility, strength, and wisdom. Kamas/time available: 40mk, making kamas isn't really a problem Current team: 195 int sadi (soon to go strength) 187 chance enu Lvl range: 195-197 Extra comments: I'm thinking of using giger's blade, or thunderbuff hammer. If I use giger I will ofcourse scroll my int to help meet the req PvP or PvM oriented: Both, but mostly PvM
  3. I did not create the program so I do not know much, but you can add the hammer to the archive if its not already there.
  4. Program works well, I am amazed my gulidmate made this :) good job Kammy and Cent!
  5. THUNDER BUFF HAMMER HELP Class: Panda Build: Pure Strength Kamas/time available: 20mk Current team: 191 int sadi, 180 cha enu (502pp) Lvl range: 187 Extra comments: Currently using Moo set + gelano + vigi pirate hammer. I want to switch to the thunderbuff hammer, but the agi condition is a problem. I scrolled agi 101, have + 45 agi from trophies, bought an AP + 31 agi gelano, but I'm falling about 80 agi short for the hammer. with the hammer adding 40agi, I'll need roughly 40 agi... I don't know if I should change sets, mage the items more agi, or what. I'm feeling lost. Also my
  6. I'm a 186 panda, usually win about 75% of my matches, though each day is different. No matter what I do, my kolo won't go up much. Currently I'm at 7xx rating. On my sadi, level 170ish at the time, I got him to > 1200 easily. but for some reason I'm having trouble with my panda's rating. any tips for gaining rating besides wining? also on a side note: I play on rushu, if anyone would care to kolo with me sometime.
  7. I have a level 190 Int Sadi, whom I really enjoy. I'm not able to log in right now so I can't give you all his stats, but I do know he has 1056 int. He uses thrusty staff, Wild grass, Paralyzing Poisen, Leek pie, and Earthquake as his main forms of damage. I enjoy being able to heal 1,000 with soothing bramble, and healing 250 a turn on an ally I turn into a tree. I just feel like my character isn't as strong as he should be. I know that a Strength Sadi is the standerd build, and that is one reason I went int. but I'm starting to think its time to go strength. I'd Like to hear what you gu
  8. Ultimate Anti-Boredom Guide! after hours of grinding and doing those boring repitive tasks, its nice to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your time on dofus. I was thinking us Impians can make a list of things we do when we are bored on dofus (dofus related of course). I'll start the list, and hopefully after reading this you too will add your favorite things to do! 1. Randomly start following a person and give them compliments and encouragement! 2. Sit at zaaps and make fun of the other people who are standing there, or vice versa. 3. Complete a ridicously easy dungeon to make yourse
  9. My name is Steven, and I play on [Rushu]. I've been a member of Imps for a few months now, I haven't really been too active on here posting, but wouldn't mind changing that :) I'm the guild leader of Wanderlust if any of you have heard of it. I'm always doing nothing (that seems like an oxymoron) and just thought I would introduce myself. If anyone would like to do something in game on rushu sometime I'd be really happy to :) My ingame name is: Mr-mom, Panda-mwahaha
  10. I currently have 2.5k hp. Would you reccomend me then getting the best possible maged gear since I will be using for a long time? obviously it is is ideal, but because of kama issues sometimes I settle for average. His gear is all over maged in str 15-20ish
  11. My sadi can heal 1,000 with soothing bramble and then insol bramble to remove the mp rape, but you're right, an eni would help me. I don't really want to make another character though. " Lord Crow - Blop Dungeon (I think both) - Canidae Dungeon (If played wise) - the lower ones of course - the "new" Dungeons, as we have Kanniball - You can also go for Otomai Dungeons till the third one : Greater Bherb" I've done all of those except kanniball, perhaps I will look into that. Thanks for the tips/advice, any other advice is very welcome and appreciated.
  12. Class: Panda Build: Str Kamas/time available: I have about 10mk Current team: 172 enu, 189 int sadi, and this 158 str panda Lvl range: 170 ish Extra comments: Currently in Moo set + gelano and a Vigi Pirate hammer. PvP or PvM oriented: Both I just don't know what set I should get after Moo, or even if I should go custom set. Feel free to contact me in game[Rushu]: Panda-mwahaha
  13. Just wondering, what dp you think I should be able to handle? I was thinking maybe ghost mobs in pandala. My chars are: 189 int sadi, 172 cha enu, 158 str panda Any advice? and if anyone would like to do something in game let me know [Rushu] in game name: panda-mwahaha
  14. I was wondering if any mages could teach me about maging ap/mp/range on items. I am pretty familar with regular maging but have not tried very much with this type I will be on in about 4 hours from now if you could join me in game on Rushu. Or if it is simple enough to tell me on the forums that would work too. My ingame name is: prune-prospecting, and if you didn't notice, my server is RUSHU. and on a side note, what is the highest int or str anyone has gotten a royal gob hat?
  15. Oh how I wish I was a tofu. To be a cute little yellow birdy, just isn't fair. My mother would birth me, love me, and care. and when I join my fellow gobbals and arachnees, in a fight. I will protect my group from all the little cras, and be alright. Oh how I wish I was a tofu. I have class in 20 minutes and have to go or I would improve the poem. Hope you like it.
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