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Everything posted by Masive

  1. Kaitah's Art

    Hey Kaitah. I was wondering if you still had that picture of my character you art'd for me way back when. It's not available on imageshack anymore, and I never saved it to my pc. Hopefully it's not lost in the net.
  2. Osamodas Revamp

    Did the video say when beta would come out?
  3. What's your favorite class?

    I'm bored and there's not a lot of topics to lurk so.. What's your favorite class? Doesn't matter what your criteria is, or if you play the class. With class change being out for so long, not everyone is playing their favorite class. Poor Osamodas lovers... Do you like the way your favorite class looks? Do you love the way they play? Do you like how overpowered the class is? Love those epic Wrath numbers? Vote on the poll and expand on your choice if you so choose.
  4. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    As much as I love Huppers, I need to recommend Elio. The class can fill in for the healer spot in your 4man while providing damage amplification for your Iop.
  5. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Sac is the best solo leveling class so you already have that going for you. Now you need a team support heavy char. I highly recommend a Panda.
  6. http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/566424-living-shushu-set-promos Looks like a new livi set?
  7. Living Shushu Set (and promos)!

    Those honestly look better than what I thought they'd look like.
  8. What's your favorite class?

    The votes are looking interesting. Popularity "tiers" so far: Tier S: (9 votes) Cra Sacier Tier A: (7 votes) Huppermage Osamodas Tier B: (6 votes) Eniripsa Iop Sram Pandawa Tier B-: (5 votes) Foggernaut Tier C: (4 votes) Ecaflip Enutrof Rogue Sadida Tier C-: (3 votes) Eliotrope Tier D: (2 votes) Feca Masqueraider Xelor Total votes: 86
  9. S> Frig 3/Dimension/Sufokia/Peasant Resources

    Caspro grab me some of those. Or help me through the dungeon, I've been looking for Prot Nucli for a week.
  10. Timeless - goult scam

    All this drama reminds me of why I haven't transferred to Rushu yet. If you want a (mostly) drama free experience come visit me on Rosal. On second thought, keep your drama there.
  11. Timeless - goult scam

    Well... that's a fairly serious amount of cash...
  12. Back after a loooong break!

    Hi Cato. I remember you from the Official Forums. I'm Giga-Biga-Bowser if you recognize that name at all.
  13. Ask a Mage

    I do suggest keeping wis even if its for a PvM Iop. You'll lose essential mp/ap res if you neglect it.
  14. Rosal goult thread #1

    I looked at the voting area and only saw 3 Fecas. I probably could have registered... Not like it matters, since we're apparently not even qualified to participate in Goult this year.
  15. What's your favorite class?

    Looks like every class has gotten at least 1 vote. Osa is in the lead with 4 votes. Poor Osa mains. At least you get your rework soon!
  16. What's your favorite class?

    Personally, my favorite class has been Hupermage since they released the class. They've got great animations and a certain amount of flair that the other classes don't have. I like the playstyle they have (so versatile). I'm also a huge fan of the personality the class has, which is much more obvious in their Wakfu version. Kinda weird, considering I main Feca. They'd be my second choice though. I feel some similarities between the two classes.
  17. Rushu Dimension Portal Positions

    Portal to the Xelorium dimension [4,-23] 113 uses 23 hours and 37 minutes. Yes I know this is Rushu and yes it is a Rushu portal
  18. Ask a Mage

    This has probably been answered before in this thread. Why are most ap/mp exos on rings? In theory, wouldn't it be better to ap/mp an item with higher base hp values (EX: Hat with base 500 vit) and then exo the rings to both have 500 vit (base 350 vit) + some res?
  19. an effort to quit completely.

    You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave.
  20. Interested In Starting Fresh

    Hupper or Elio are fun and versatile solo classes. And new Sadi, though I don't play one, so I dunno much about them.
  21. Interested In Starting Fresh

    I've always wanted to start fresh with a special spin on it: being completely independent of any other person. No trading with others or with the market. You farm, craft, and mage all your own equipment and run the dungeons with only your team. Basically, you're turning the game into a solo-player game to challenge yourself. I've never had the guts to do it (I'm too lazy), but maybe you should try solo mode.
  22. Rosal Dimensional Portal Positions

    Enurado [11:25] (Info) Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [26,-41]. 128 uses.
  23. Searching for a artist (more info inside)

    1st: Both are on Rosal 2nd: He meant PM on Imps
  24. First harness

    Well... it's a start. The Wakfu harnesses are all godly, except the first few ones released.
  25. Sup?

    Another class that'd I'd recommend for someone looking for a class with depth and good for solo play would be Rogue. The class is similar to Eliotrope in that there are so many different things you can pull off with a well played Rogue. You'll almost always be learning something new, and you'll likely never truly "master" the class (more true for Elio/Xel, but still applies to Rogue)