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Everything posted by Masive

  1. Masive

    Rosal Dimensional Portal Positions

    Portal to the Ecaflipus dimension [-24,29]
  2. Masive

    Caps' Art Dump

    Hey Caps are you still around? I have a fun, not so Dofus related request for you~ I'll pm you it once I know you aren't ded.
  3. Masive

    B> Dofus Wiki guides

    Let's see if we can get a response from the wiki guy himself. I shall attempt to summon him. @Gravestorm We need you, mighty wiki moderator.
  4. Masive

    B> Dofus Wiki guides

    They did, and it was my main gripe with the idea. It also irritated a lot of other people, so maybe Ankama changes their mind. Who am I kidding...
  5. Masive

    B> Dofus Wiki guides

    Yes because spell variants are supposed to be for endgame. Guides don't typically go to 200. The spells from 1-200 will be the same as before. My reading comprehension level is level 67. Please leech.
  6. Masive

    B> Dofus Wiki guides

    Holiday break is over, time to get back to work! We finally got an edit on the Intelligence Osamodas (wiki link) guide! Thanks Hyrule-Defense! However, it's sadly still unfinished. If anyone feels like taking a stab at it, I won't be stopping you. Regardless, it's time to take a look at another outdated guide. I've never touched a Sac in my life (heh), but surely others have! So it's time to draw attention to another guide from our recently revamped Sacrier. I have no idea which element is most common, so I'll pick one at random. Probably Intelligence or Agility... Hmm... Hell, let's put both! I haven't posted in a while so I have to try and make up for lost time. Today's class guides are: Intelligence Sacrier (wiki link). It looks horribly empty right now and even the little tidbit of information that is in the clickable link is beyond outdated. You may want to add the Template (wiki link) and take a look at the Build Guide (wiki link) before you take on this difficult edit. Alternatively, the Agility Sacrier (wiki link), is a much more complete guide. Probably because it was a popular build. Aside from the tables (even I suck at editing those), this guide is much easier to update. Just take a look at the spells and equips and change them as you see fit. Leave the tables to someone who knows what they're doing with them, because every time I touch them they turn into gibberish. If you know what you're doing with those tables then please teach me. Also, the entire class page is horribly outdated because of the revamp. Take a look (wiki link) and maybe throw in an edit if you feel like it. Thanks for bothering to read this post! I'll keep posting outdated guides here until someone tells me to stop spamming the forums.
  7. Masive

    Letter to the community

    I know that already, I actually read the entire thing. Guess I did word it funny... I'll try to explain my thoughts better. They said they're considering integrating Dofus and Wakfu into CodenameDofus3, though they're likely not going to do that to not blow up their company. In fact, the entire "global vision" thing scares me. These things usually don't end well. What I am saying is that they should put some time and money into an actual Dofus 3, instead of simply noting the game is outdated without offering anything for the future of that particular game. Instead they say: Dofus is their most successful project thus far and will probably continue to be their most successful project for some time, unless the company hits a marketing jackpot with one of their new projects. Why not work on making Dofus less "outdated" instead of turning it into a side game to some bold ambition? Yea, I know, "technical limitation". I'm no programmer, so I don't know what the hell that means. My small brain can only handle simple explanations.
  8. Masive

    Letter to the community

    I don't get it, how is Dofus obsolete? Works perfectly fine for me. If they want to do it like Dofus 1 -> Dofus 2, then they should do it exactly like that. They shouldn't make Dofus 3 an entirely different game...?
  9. Masive

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    What I Have Account 1: Feca / Huppermage Account 2: Cra Account 3: Sram / Eca Account 4: Eni Account 5: Iop Account 6: Eliotrope Account 7: Panda Account 8: I dunno. Assume all characters are 200 and can be any element. Bolded characters are my mains and must be in the team. What I Want Number of New Accounts: I want an 8th account. Leaning heavily towards an Enu. Goal: A team I can swap between 6 acc and 8 acc as I see fit. Should be able to handily complete most dungeons in the game. Details: TLDeR: Looking to make an 8th acc, and I want to know the best 6-man comp from my current group, and if anything needs a class change. Longform: First things first, I'm trying to fit in an eighth account, and it's probably going to be an Enu, unless someone can convince me that that's a horrible idea. I'm also looking to tweak any unnecessary characters out of my team, because, as far as I know, my two main characters are all the unnecessary characters that I need. The main offender to this is the Sram account. I don't know what class could fit better, but I'm willing to level another character on that account if necessary. Also, even though I am making and using eight accounts, I'll likely only end up using 6 of them in dungeons. I want to know what 4 alts would be most optimal for dungeons with my main accounts. I'm assuming the best option would be to just slap on the frequently used 4man team with the 2 extras and hope for the best? Correct me if I'm bad at this game. Thanks for reading the full post.
  10. Masive

    Caps' Art Dump

    Hi Caps. I used to be active on OF under the moniker of Giga and definitely remember you. Also, welcome to the Imps art forum. If you want to do art for people on here, you'll either end up buried in work (if you take kamas) or with very little work (if you want real money). Bonus question: What tools fo you use to make your art?
  11. Masive

    The official newbie question thread!

    If you die in a dimension dungeon, do you get a save point back in? Or do you need to burn another key?
  12. That Vortex Wing price makes me cry. I remember them being cheaper. Did something happen to Vortex to make the price rise?
  13. Masive

    B> Dofus Wiki guides

    Still no updates, but at least some people have shown interest. So let's try something new. I'll post a link to a guide that needs updating every other day and you guys go to town on it. Check how outdated the guide is (cry a little with nostalgic tears) and then update it to the best of your ability. Even small updates help. Today's class guide is: Intelligence Osamodas (wiki link). The most common type of Osamodas currently has no guide at all. Instead, it wants Osas to aim for the "heavenly Stringsecticide Set." Try and update it, even if you have no idea how to. Anything is better than telling new Osas to level Summoning of Prespic.
  14. Masive

    Rosal Dimensional Portal Positions

    Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-17,22]. Portal to the Xelorium dimension [-17,22]
  15. Masive

    B> Dofus Wiki guides

    No one has even attempted to update a guide.
  16. Masive

    Rosal Dimensional Portal Positions

    Xelorium. [-4,31] [22:08] Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-4,31].
  17. Masive

    New profession guides?

    The only real way to level professions would be to just craft the highest level item available to you, unless that item is much more expensive to craft than lower level items. The xp you get from items scales with the level of your profession. So you'll get low xp from something 20 levels lower, and literally nothing from items 100 levels lower. There are of course a few exceptions to every rule, but generally the best way to level any of the professions in the new system is to just go with whatever item is nearest to your level. As for your other question, I doubt you'll make much money off Fisherman. You should invest most of your time and kamas into Miner or Lumberjack, as both can provide kamas. I highly recommend choosing miner over LJ, the alloys (From Brassic to Pyrute and everything else) are in high demand on every server. LJ only really gets value off the high level woods.
  18. Masive

    Dofus Pets

    I thought this was gonna be a Devblog about Ankama changing the pet system, but instead it's just another waste of company time.
  19. Masive

    Dofus 2.39 Changelog

    How hard is the 200 dungeon then? As hard as Dimension stuff, or more on F3 level?
  20. Masive

    Dofus 2.39 Changelog

    Not enough talk about the fancy costume addition. iirc there's a costume from Ohwymi already. Real talk. Does it need the 200 dungeon?
  21. Masive


    Oh thank god, you're still around. I was afraid this essential tool was gonna become outdated over time.
  22. Masive


    Dec 2 Reward is a Pear Shigekax. Yay...
  23. Masive

    Sacrier Revamp Devblog

    I didn't think the changes were that bad when I tested them out, and I didn't think that it took away from Sacriers tank identity. I did, however, find the class extremely weak, but dismissed that because muh beta. Anyone wanna give me details on why Sacs are kill now? Seems like the same shit Fecas had to go through.
  24. Masive

    Dofus 2.39 Changelog

    Ok how about this: What has already happened > Idols boost xp and loot > People start abusing a very high idol score that's easy to use and abuse. > Rich Frenchies create teams of only Explo Cras to xp with this idol combo. > Explo is nerfed to 1 cast per turn global, instead of just nerfing idols. What is likely to happen after > Rich Frenchies get pissed and ddos the servers again. > Rich Frenchies class change Cra team to Xelor Temporal spam, continue abusing 508 idols for xp. > Ankama makes Temporal 1 cast per turn global, instead of just nerfing idols. > Rich Frenchies get pissed and ddos the servers again. > Rich Frenchies class change Xelor team to Sadi Manifold/WildGrass spam, continue abusing 508. > Ankama makes Wild Grass and Manifold both have global cooldowns and somehow manage to screw something else up. > Rich Frenchies get pissed and ddos the servers again. > Rich Frenchies class change to Iop or something and spam SoI. > Repeat til AoE is now all global. What should happen > Ankama nerfs 508 idols to not be the only idol set in the game. > Rich Frenchies get pissed and ddos the servers again. > Fin
  25. Masive

    Dofus 2.39 Changelog

    How about Ankama nerfs these idols before they make every AoE spell have a global recast.