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Everything posted by Masive

  1. Nice sig

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    2. Iamthenumberonenub


      i rarely play tbh, you know for the past month I've been logging randomly to see if you're on... hopefully you don't have that shitty sporadic log schedule

      logging on rosal***

    3. Masive


      TFW I've been on literally every day for the past week (maybe even month) at 2-4am.

    4. Iamthenumberonenub


      stop not again lets go back to our high school schedule :(

  2. I may or may not be back. Had a nice long break regardless.

  3. Hey Nub's friend

  4. I'd probably be getting off at 9am your time.

  5. Fell asleep without realizing it, sorry. I'll try again, feel free to try again.

  6. This is not the first time I've had this specific problem. Been doing this for years.

  7. 1am your time is too early. 5-7am would be better. @-@

  8. Only very late at night. Lose some sleep! Or wake up.