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  1. Try send a message to support. I lost all my shit like a year ago on same reason account sharing and I got all duped back.
  2. I dont think this guy actually got scammed, hes still playing on that account with 8 new fully geared lul.
  3. [18:18] You have lost 6,999,999 kamas. [18:18] You have received 1 '[Brakmarian Godron]'. tenks
  4. It's ok. They warned us they would break the game if they fixed Missiz Freezz bug. They fixed Freezz right..?
  5. Hi I need help with this quest, can pay if nessessary. 200 Panda IGN Xelor ty
  6. Found some shit series on netflix called Jericho and tought it sounded ok so took it when i moved server. Now I got the nickname Xelor just cus it was available no other reason
  7. Got the spell point scrolls from one scammer and gave them to the next scammer. Circle of life bois
  8. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk i gave him 50 spell points XD
  9. He's already told me he is quitting, and he said some of his accs got banned after he took my shit, so i think support banned some to avoid the dups and failed. He gave me his entire teams stuff, all his SP, etcetc, so he got nothing left in game. I also got about 250SP if anyone want some..
  10. So I decided id give away a few of the items I got back as it feels wrong having these items duplicated by support. If your interested in anything send me a message on Imps with a reason why u want them, rather not give these to ppl who will sell them right away. Want those who need for team, their main etcetc.. List Anium Ligature Sawya Sash AP Allister Boots Range Slothful Slippers Baleenaboots Sinistrofu Boots Professor Xa's Cloak MP Otomai's Amulet-Tibalt Summon Age-Old Amulet MP iKwest Amulet Treadfast Amulet- Eruaph
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