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  1. I said as much on the official forums the other day and was shot down very quickly by a few people that like the achievement awards. Ive never had soo many very rare drops in my bank before, sadly they are all worthless. Since I came back playing after a couple of years out I noticed a massive difference in the markets. Someone has already mentioned soul stones and I would also like to add in the change to characteristic scrolls aswell. Before it was changed to dopples in the class temples to get these scrolls it was easy enough to farm mats for scrolls. Didnt matter what lvl you were there was always something that you could fight to make easy kamas. Also spell skill scrolls, always easy money running crackler dung for diamonds to sell.
  2. Xentra is pretty spot on about the str/int sadida Its for support only now pretty much. EQ/PW combo is pretty much a no no now. as sylvan power is only 2 turns and insolent bramble will only on unbewitch a certain number of conditions now. Even using sylvan first then insolent will still result in you taking a turn of dmg. Red root chilleepepper staff is also now a bad weapon as its been put upto 5ap and can only be used once. Chances are I will re roll and go full strength or just retire it completely. Cha sadidas are worth a look too with tear no longer needing LoS though.
  3. Wow they are good in pvp now? Im looking forward to getting back into the game now :) Thanks for the replies
  4. Just reinstalling the game after a long time not playing it, starting to get that itch back. Just wondering if sadidas are still as crap as every? :D
  5. Get your eni in +heal equips and start touring dung's Canidea/ancestree/crackler/bontarat/brakrat All very very easy dung's.
  6. Hairyking


    Well i warned people over a month ago that accounts even after password reset were still being hacked. Not many people took much interest in my thread prolly because it was something that wouldnt happen to them. Ankamas security is still shit. maybe the hackers are just using brute force to hack random accounts or maybe its something more synister I dont know. I wish you luck in getting your stuff back
  7. Just wait for a few months and you feel like playing again, and you got nothing to play with :lol:
  8. Well your welcome on shika, but its a harder server to start out on than the likes of rushu. sellrooms dont always have what you need and dont sell very quick when your selling. but plenty of star mobs and a very friendly community. Also not sure if your aware, you can now use ogrines to transfer chars over servers. Ive got a very busy private life, but I still manage to log on most days, sometimes its just to feed pets sometimes i can get in half a day. But thats fine for me, im not a huge grinder anymore in the game, been there, done that. And the game is 10 times more enjoyable because I aint interested in what level I am. So try changing your play style to a more relaxed approach :D
  9. Hey acton :D Welcome back to the game :D Or atleast welcome back to having the urge to play again. Might remember me from from KoF or blank? (think you were in blank for a bit?) I was Hairything on rushu Not sure who is all on rushu these days, I quit for shika. Last time I was on rushu (a few months ago now) Doctor time and Rikkil were still playing, but it was a few months ago so dont hold me to that :D Wouldnt take you too long to get to where you were at before you quit equipment wise, Moo equips aint too pricey these days its the 180+ equips that are a drag to get. Or do what I did, after my break from the game I changed server :D So easy to level in the game now, with the ability to reset at your class temple(only once though). but ankama seem to like handing out magical orbs that can reset your char points. So raise just wis untill your happy with your level and reset :P A few changes in the game since you last played, some good some bad, but Str Iops are pretty much the same as they were when you last played. Anyways, welcome back :)
  10. Hey moldy! wb to the game :P You might remember me from Dawn Of Hope. Name was Hairything on rushu, had to rename to Hairyking when I transfered char to shika. If you dont enjoy rushu as much come join us on shika :P
  11. If its good with a stim that just means next update it will be nerfed so it cant be stimed. wait and see
  12. Ankama can change passwords and anything in your account whenever they want. Why? because its their accounts not yours, check the ToS. You pay your subscriptions to lease those accounts pretty much. Thats why they also dont need to give any excuse if they ban anybody. The password reset/detail change page on dofus is very good security wise. If people gave fake details or gave them an old email address then that is their own fault. Im also betting some of the people were using accounts that they never created. So they never had the email address details in the first place. The biggest annoyance I have with Ankama has always been their ticket system, when you do eventually get a reply it generally is some sort of copy/pasted response. Overall I think the compensation being handed out by Ankama is fair, my only change would of been to give the people that were long term affected 1 months sub free. And we also need to remember that its only a game, only accounts were affected not like when sony was hacked and peoples credit card numbers were stolen
  13. download Gamesbooster. that will help. Play with either windows 7 or xp, avoid vista. Set windows settings to maximize performance and make sure its sucking your battery dry. Make sure that your running it with your power lead in. Update your graphics drivers also worth checking processor and ram drivers as well (that all depends on the age of laptop though) And on a safety note if you can fry an egg on your laptop because its that hot, turn it off :D
  14. Good to see that you are attempting to carry on playing after being hacked. I understand completely your confusion regarding how you were hacked. As it happened to only 1 of my accounts also. I made a post that was largely ignored informing the imps community about my account still being accessed even though the password was changed after the password reset done by Ankama (although they arent trying to access it anymore). So its my belief that there are hackers that can circumvent our password protected accounts. I may be correct or wrong, but I know for sure that nobody is safe from being hacked. Gone are the days of Naive kids giving out their passwords to everyone on a server, yet accounts still getting hacked. All you can do really is change the password and hope for the best. Good luck
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