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  1. I still love you no matter what... despite all the rejects i received from you i'm persisting
  2. <3 ye thats why you're not in hh I will still love you no matter what my dear. fk i just got revived, need time to adapt
  3. Nice indirect, much wow, much maturity. Tezar for Goult 2k16.

  4. hhhhh , practice a lot men so i can secure you goult votes using my moroccan mafia connections, they have proven effective over the years.
  5. that's how we do it baby, the heros way hh gl irl, goult is yours this year!
  6. I'm really impressed, your english has improved a lot from the first time i saw you! also i love the name herosdownsyndromemaroc you gave me, i feel proud to be mentioned atleast partially in the list <3
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