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  1. Echo Smackdown [EVENT]

    Only attended four fights 😂
  2. Echo Smackdown [EVENT]

    Pray4me CouldThisTurnIntoAPermaBan?
  3. Has humanity peaked?
  4. Random Screenshots

    [11:17] from Kiss-Arwen: just tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee price you was looking to pay ^^ [11:18] from Kiss-Arwen: comon
  5. b> lavasmith dofus

    bump Also selling ivory dofus 120m
  6. Echo Smackdown [EVENT]

    I've seen that more than 16 players are registered but id like to register as a back up ty
  7. Post your Guts

    Well, as you're basing it over two turns, 10% final damage every two turns, or 25+ damage EVERY turn, therefore 10% final damage or 50+ damage... i know what i'd rather have, especially as it's consistent.
  8. Post your Guts

    Why are you using a cloudy :( ivory>ice>cloudy
  9. hupper omni 200 pvp tips and combos?

    Tri-element at a most Imo, full Omni is when you start to lose too much damage and a lot of huppers spells are very similar with different elements. Especially on spells like runic overcharge which require you to have high +damage to be extremely effective. As a lot of huppers spells are also low in AP cost, you don't necessarily need to be of that element to use one of the elements spells. (For example; if an enemy already has the strength state but you're full chance, there's no reason as to why you can't then follow that up with inflicting the fire state for 2ap to combine the two for an 120% damage buff, through doing this you also can remove unwanted elemental states that are already on an emeny without wasting contribution)
  10. Show off your new colours

    Both look qt
  11. b u m p now buying at 200kk/unit MUST BE 8 LOOT