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  1. Tezar

    S> 7x crocobur

    Make a bow and ill buy it
  2. Tezar

    Wa Ofool's Crown.

  3. Tezar

    Wa Ofool's Crown.

    ok so, throughout this time I've helped Feca/java-script also drop there's on the 2nd and 3rd runs, i'm now 81 runs deep on my Eni and still 0, this has GOT to be a bug. all my alts have atleast 4 per char now, reckon it'd be worth sending a ticket?
  4. Tezar

    Wa Ofool's Crown.

    Update- 34 masto, 29ping, 9 nidas runs and still no luck for my eni :))) Even decided to take pp sets off alts so they don't drop them over the eni..which didn't work
  5. Tezar

    Wa Ofool's Crown.

    Yeah I've already dropped 15 of the things, through doing exactly the same as you, but my eni is still yet to drop one and it's frustrating that you're not able to trade them
  6. Tezar

    Wa Ofool's Crown.

    Is there a way to unlink these hats? Reason being 3 of my characters are yet to drop one and my alts are starting to drop spares. Thanks, Tez.
  7. Tezar

    Dofus client crashing

    ok can i play mitsue page becomes unresponsive, page whitens and my cursor becomes a loading circle then the page will automatically close
  8. Tezar

    Dofus client crashing

    mfw running 8 loot dungeons and atleast one of my characters clients crashes per fight and i have to put my 3 brain cells to work, to figure out which username and password is which character only to get it wrong and then disconnect one of my other characters and then i have 2 characters offline which i dont know the user/pass too which then turns into 4 characters offline which then results to me throwing my pc out the window SHIT GAME, PERIOD.
  9. Tezar

    Dofus client crashing

    can anyone care to explain why the fuck dofus crashes every 2-3minutes, many players i play with also have started to experience the same thing recently any help/recommendation is much appreciated as i'm starting to crash so much my friends are beginning to call me Crashzar which hurts my feels. over and out.
  10. Tezar

    BUYING Champions Set

    Euphoria is right though lol, only one or two players on our server even have them and the chance they'll sell for 90mk each? No chance. Actually offer an appealing price or forget it especially as those even have them are extremely rich to the point where 90mk is fuck all in return for an item which is now unobtainable.
  11. Tezar

    Infinite Dreams

    Yay I now have to do all the dofus Quests I've PURPOSELY avoided to craft gear, no thanks.
  12. Tezar

    [BUYING] - Pandora Ghost Fabrics

    Might be able to drop you some Pandora ghost fabs later on today, buying an infinite amount???
  13. Tezar

    [Guide] Chimeric Prysmaradoth Souls

    And what do you get from these souls?
  14. Tezar

    Buy AP stalak shield

    I've got an mp one with these stats if you're able to swap out your exos