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Tezar last won the day on August 23 2018

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    Tezar, Zetharius, Althenia, Ankou, Skorpa, Arterios, Vezar, Athysius.

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  1. Tezar

    Post your goals and achievements

    Smart as fuck, good idea. Let me know if you'll take an order for the new shovel.
  2. Tezar

    Buying ebony dofus

    I had a promised seller for 25m whose had to pull out to keep for their own personal use which is why I'm hoping to get one for a similar price, guess we'll have to wait and see how it plays out
  3. As the shield requires 6.5m reflections to make, which are 10/11kamas per reflect, I'll offer 75-80m for a nicely maged one, Alternatively, with either 1-2% melee damage exo'd I'll be inclined to offer 85-92m depending on stats. HMU IG - tezar / zetharius
  4. Offering between 25-30m, must be exchangeable within the next week or so.
  5. Can close - no longer for sale.
  6. 110m 1 left from vill zaap, will not be dropping any further, may accept fallanster rectitude as part ex
  7. Tezar

    omg qued legit quitting???

    Ciao memedro, hola @ your boi if you ever decide to come back, gl in rl my friens
  8. reduced to 140m.
  9. Tezar

    B> Tatouh/Tatouf

    ive got one, hmu ig Tezar
  10. I won't if you buy the bow
  11. Bump Willing to accept vulbis -> will also put kamas in from my side