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  1. ^ above Ebony 38m Ivory 52m Sparkling 25m
  2. Semi active, But that's partly because that half of the nerds are on temporis atm
  3. As title says, I'm buying an unlimited amount of Pandora ghost & pandoracle ghost soulstones Pandora ghost - 200kk ea (44 already bought) Pandoracle ghost 250kk ea (7 already bought) Double Pandora ghost 400kk (4 already bought) Pandora + pandoracle 450kk (2 already bought)
  4. Either that or wait for them to be tradable and watch them dive to 40-50
  5. Currently looking for 6 kamas each, but will be flexible with the ever updating prices of echo Hi just realised I'd posted in wrong channel, pls move @robert
  6. Easiest way to get a hold of one is yo keep an eye on eBay.fr, usually go for around €30, fairly sure you'd have to search "casque d'ombre" but I'm sure a few nerds will be quick to correct me.
  7. This time around Ankama have actually asked players to raise a ticket with all the information possible around what you've lost progress wise and anything to do with inventory changes, so if I were you make a detailed ticket with everything you've done over the last few days and pray to the gods your progress is returned.
  8. Smart as fuck, good idea. Let me know if you'll take an order for the new shovel.
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