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    England - south east

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    Tezar, Zetharius, Althenia, Athitra, Tharial, Arterios, Vezar, Athysius

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    https://twitter.com/Tezar71712143, https://www.dofus.com/en/play/yougot-ownedby

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  1. Tezar

    2.47 Livestream

    Not entirely sure where or how you're getting to this conclusion, as far as i'm aware even with the 1MP change over 1AP, 12/6 is still easily obtainable, or even so 11/6 sets with the new gear is RIDICULOUSLY better than anything the current patch has to offer.
  2. Tezar

    b> vulbis

  3. Tezar

    b> vulbis

    looking to pay around 300mk, lmk, hook me up in game Tezar.
  4. Tezar

    Echo Smackdown [EVENT]

    Only attended four fights ?
  5. Tezar

    Echo Smackdown [EVENT]

    Pray4me CouldThisTurnIntoAPermaBan?
  6. Has humanity peaked?
  7. Tezar

    Random Screenshots

    [11:17] from Kiss-Arwen: just tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee price you was looking to pay ^^ [11:18] from Kiss-Arwen: comon
  8. Tezar

    b> lavasmith dofus

    bump Also selling ivory dofus 120m
  9. Tezar

    Echo Smackdown [EVENT]

    I've seen that more than 16 players are registered but id like to register as a back up ty
  10. Tezar

    Post your Guts

    Well, as you're basing it over two turns, 10% final damage every two turns, or 25+ damage EVERY turn, therefore 10% final damage or 50+ damage... i know what i'd rather have, especially as it's consistent.
  11. Tezar

    Post your Guts

    Why are you using a cloudy :( ivory>ice>cloudy

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