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  1. Ap inky pro old players ftw !
  2. Guys my account was sold to Mythos,yammy so that's not me anymore :)

  3. i guess he needs to use resists pets too
  4. I had shied on and i wasnt sharing and everything was alright and i got hacked too i sent a ticket and waiting for reply and btw before last maintenance many ppl got hacked so there's something wrong and also i'm not keylogged
  5. The same happened to me while shield is on and no keylogger -,- but i lost about 200m.k xD
  6. I don't know u but still Marry Christmas
  7. Selling ap maged bherbal belt Stats: Ap 292 vit 60 agi 33 wis 13% power 6 crits 1 range 4 damage 9 pp 10% earth/water Accepting ap maged broucey part or ap beabaric wedding ring or a good ap tash ring and money Pm me here on ing Boanex ( i'm from shika btw can transfer servers to sell it )
  8. ik but i was in need of help and i had 6-7 friends so not really enough and 3-4 of them r busy all the time haha

  9. I was your friendddd! D:

  10. Luv u too xD but i really got bored it's really hard to make friends on rosal

  11. Anddd you don't even tell me! :c.. You suck D:!

  12. ya i went back to shika :)

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