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  1. There's often a tug-of-war in companies between designers and engineers, but Ankama though lurches from one extreme to the other. It's like each is working independently toward different games -- the designers want something like a playable manga and the engineers want, I don't know, Platform Masters.
  2. Same. Visit site, see I'm not logged in (never logged out). Click login, password is incorrect, re-enter, get sent to 403 page, press back, logged in. Chrome Version 51.0.2704.103 (64-bit)
  3. From what I understand, The Golden One contacted Dofus with this information. Support suggested clearing his cache. The Golden One got really mad, especially when Sato closed the ticket. The Golden One took the unprecedented step of phoning Ankama HQ in Lilleput, France. He was put on hold, which then hung up on him. Incensed, his next step was to visit Ankama HQ in person. Lichen was astonished by this show of initiative, but agreed to take The Golden One into his office. He laughed at the story of Sato as he logged into his account. "Sato still has a few bugs," he chuckled. But Lichen's
  4. Can confirm this from breeding guilds I've had. Most times they were populated only with my alts, so it was simple matter of recreating them with the same name ("Hello Kitty" ftw). From what I could tell the old guild name became available immediately after automatic deletion. Sometimes though a low-level random that just wanted to roll with the Kitties managed to stick around long enough to get the guild and paddocks. None of them were evil or anything, they just logged the character once or twice whereas I hadn't at all. The annoying part is that since individuals can't own paddocks, they
  5. ditamere

    Day 1

    I don't think there's much reason to be optimistic about Tablet Dofus' future, OP, but I said that elsewhere and won't pee on your parade! I'd start with a Cra just because they're so much easier to survive solo fights with. I started with an Iop just because I was used to picking a "fighter" when starting new games (hit things with a sword while figuring out wtf is going on), and it was a bit of a slog to get it to 60 so I could strengthstorm my way through Dofus. It seems like for many classes staying a couple squares away is all you need to do to survive early game content. I'd probably s
  6. I think I actually played 2.0 for much longer than 1.2x. Yet virtually all of my memories are in 1.29 style -- even things that I know happened in 2.0. I still think of my chars as "really" looking like they did in 1.29. Memory is funny that way. Anyway, I'm glad Ankama is getting this underway now to accommodate the massive influx of new players coming from tablet Dofus! :rolleyes:
  8. My speculation is that Tablet Dofus (a strange name but I'm going with it!) was a failed attempt to port Desktop Dofus to mobile devices. It didn't work enough to make it a real port, but it did work in the sense that you could tap on monsters and kill them and your progress was automatically saved on a server somewhere. They either needed money or something new in their catalog so they released this frankenstein's monster that is called Dofus and exists in the Dofus universe and plays much like Dofus but isn't actually Dofus. Their hopes are probably that it will make a modest profit, maybe
  9. Except they're going to be playing a totally different version that might as well be a totally different game from a totally different company. Every reason that Ankama gives you for why they don't release a 1.29 server is also applicable to why they shouldn't be splitting off "Tablet Dofus" from... um... "normal Dofus": split resources in the company, splitting a player base, having to maintain a (third? depending on how many platforms it will be on, maybe many more) code base, separate customer base, another product line, etc.
  10. Interesting stuff, Zephinism, thanks for doing this. :) Assuming Zato had some crazy surge/genocide of bots and setting it aside altogether, Rushu's gain is only about 36% of losses from other English-language servers. So it certainly looks like most players are just... leaving, and only a minority are transferring. I do not know the numbers to plug in but I'm curious how much Ankama would make from roughly 700 server transfers. The idea of permitting transfers but charging for it at this point in the game's lifecycle was brilliant, but there's a natural tension when a company squeezes more
  11. I think OP was talking about what were essentially just firefox extensions, from the time when Dofus ran in a browser window. Obviously they couldn't be easily adapted for the client after 2.0 launched. I'm not aware of any for post-2.0 and probably wouldn't trust any that I did find.
  12. Let's say it's raining outside and you're thirsty so you want to catch as much of the rain as possible. You can put out a huge bucket or you can hurry up and try to make a ton of tiny buckets. The big bucket starts collecting rain immediately. The many tiny buckets take longer to make and are more expensive (in time and money) to maintain. Whether you pick big or small buckets, though, you're not going to make more rain. Introducing 1.29 is not going to make more rain, just more buckets to catch the same amount of rain and maybe a little less. This is an issue for all companies with an a
  13. "For the next update to the quest, do the same dungeons but this time bouncing on one leg, tapping your head and singing the theme song to Asterix!"
  14. lol that's a pretty optimistic read, haven't they been discussing the need for interserver kolo for 2 or 3 years now? I guess "how to make half of our international servers playable" has a lower priority than "let's fix something nobody ever complained about: bread!" :lol: Both of these problems are low-pop server problems and the solutions in front of them (whenever they get to the point where it's no longer economically feasible to run small pop servers) are: #1: Interconnect multiple servers in a way they haven't figured out yet and which has taken years (if you believe they've thrown ma
  15. This is probably the wrong audience for a thread like this, as I'd think you'd mostly want the opinion of players who no longer play? I think you'll get a lot more people explaining why they still play and what they like better instead. I really don't anymore, though I've had imps bookmarked and hit it every few days or so. I also downloaded the client and looked in on my chars the other day for the first time in a year. As meaningless as those gestures seem, I can't think of anything else I "revisit" this way, even though most of my friends long ago quit. It's an odd thing to still feel a se
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