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  1. Flow

    Under The Edge

    Yeah lol
  2. Flow

    Under The Edge

    My bad, I meant a guild that has low level requirements to join and help lvl and gathering resources.
  3. Flow

    Under The Edge

    Thanks, I'm also looking for a guild for low lvls. Know any?
  4. I'm free tomorrow and the day after to help out. I have 4 Characters.
  5. Flow

    Under The Edge

    I just downloaded the 1.29 but only found two Servers with no names... how do I get in to Henual?
  6. Flow

    Lair of the Gaint Kralove

    I do not know of any. I usually just sit and wait for someone on the Recruitment or Community channel.
  7. Looking for some to help to get my team of 4 get through Lair Of The Giant Kralove dungeon for my Eternal Harvest Quest. IGN Ice-Bandit and Kylie-Jenner.
  8. Hello, I am offering free crafting to anyone. I don't charge you unless I don't like you. Here is a list of all my professions. ( All are lvl 100 And Also have magus for the equipment professions) Tailor, Jeweler, Shields Smith, Wand Carver, Staff carver, Alchemist, Handy Man, Baker, Farmer, and Lumberjack. Also, I only craft when I have free time and all I ask for is to add my name on all the items i craft. IGN: Flowmaster
  9. Flow

    Buying Kitsou Nere Hairs!

    I am still looking for some.
  10. Hello there, I am looking to buy 800 Kitsou Nere Hairs at a price of 1.6-1.7mk per 100 Hairs. Leave a Post here or Pm Flowmaster in Game. Thank you.
  11. Flow

    Bank sale

    I am interested in your Ambers, Red scara shells,Fire pandawushu artefact,Koalak gravedigger bones, treechnid barks, buds and Polished brain fragments. I'll try to catch you in game or pm me Flowmaster.
  12. Flow

    Buy Copper Ore

    Hi there, I am looking to purchase 25,000 Copper ore. I am paying 16kk per 100 Ores or 4.1 million kamas for all 25k ores! Leave a post with your IGN or contact Flowmaster in game.
  13. I want to buy 19,700 Iron, all your copper, 13,600 of both walnut and Chestnut wood. Pm Flowmaster.
  14. Flow

    Buying +10 slots Paddocks!

    I will have to think and plan about this. Thanks for the feed backs, I appreciate it.

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