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  1. thanks for order, sorry i made you wait a day for kamas but i blame rosal for not having /b chat on and not buying my epic stuff's
  2. bump..... someone buy kralomansion for 10.5mk so i can pay morg for his services :P:P:P:P:P
  3. Bump >.> everything is in sellrooms and prices lowered
  4. 12mk is what im looking for no thanks im trying to build a new set not looking to resell items
  5. no thank you im fine, Thats too low for what i want lookin for about 4m-4.5
  6. Hi there im after al pinist's boots and kolosso helmet pm in-game (as i will most likely forget to check imps) Poon-slayer got a few questions cheers
  7. not entirely sure at the moment looking somewhere near the 5mk mark all offers appreciated
  8. selling arches for kamas only (not trading ) leave a message here or pm in game - mr-backlash scarahazad the storytellerx3 jelleno the chinny amlullabeye the dreamerx2 treekonk the stunned bulbisonic the penetratingx2 scarabreef the shortx4 crackrockisree the tiger wowalker the egyptian scarareef the wrecker prestreet the fighter pikhoven the deaf bworkoder the mazter bulbamoon the trumpeter crowmanian the primitivex2 piwicker the manlyx2 dreggooniz the adventerous dreggogg the downunder pygknightlion the lousy spimushuia the traveler pigoblet the useful larvalencia the orange turtan'ernie the streetwise don quizothe the stubborn ouassup the irritating codemonic the mean calipzoth the icy/zigzoth the indecisive(same soul) niptuck the plasticynicx2 ezothbeitor the neighbour bulbushisu the makisan chafred the fish smitherz the licker snappster the sued khameltux the tolerant poacher the kingponger mufavabeanz the cannibal dragamemnon the deadtroyer lordlacedhat the vampiricx2 palmpilot the yuppie crabartanian the allforone crackedral the majestic chaferanho the essential kitsewey the blue crackrodilrock the helltunex2 salamaa the henpeck pandarwin the naturist turticorn the horned misskokoko the channel treekniddioo the needy ginsync the hyperactive snailmetalika the gargagician suzessman the enthusiastic bambottinit the quiet drakokidoki the volunteer kirevampiro the wrestler bulbamoon the trumpeter prikoko the witless kidodo the extinct vamp the impalest zigzoth the indecisive bworak the bohemian barcricrac the unsteady calipzoththe icy blorko the colourful if interested pm in game - mr-backlash or leave a message here
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